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Hey! I'm sarah, aka wombcorps, im a female breakcore/hardcore/jungle producer and DJ based in London, but play around the UK and coming to europe next spring!
Why this name?
cos I'm a sick, sick person ;)
Do you play live?
have played live quite a lot the last few months, started off in Oxford in nights organised by the CITV boys ... have now played many free parties, lots of Oxford parties and Cambridge and brighton clubs & parties, the biggest one yet was playing Bangface in september in London!! f***ing amazing.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it changes it in a very positive way. without the internet you would probably not be listening to my music and it wouldnt be out there.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
umm depends if it was on my terms or theirs!
Band History:
umm i used to be on here as Elysium but name changed due to some hair metal band kicking off about copyright. but yeah started making tunes around 2 years ago on my pc with fruity loops, and 2 years later am sounding a lot better and still going strong. started playing out around half a year ago and that has been a great sucess, have played some wicked clubs and parties :)
Your influences?
twinhooker paulie walnuts bong-ra shitmat hellfish scott brown aphex twin remarc luna-c
Favorite spot?
somewhere in the woods in the country with only natural light, the warmth of other people and a fat sound system playing jungle
Equipment used:
2 desktop pcs, reason 3 fruity loops (old one) a few vsts but mostly my brain and ears
Anything else...?
wet ham. basically.
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