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vs DZK and medevil (GarciaVega)
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03/12/09 GRB - Semi finals vs DZK and medevil (GarciaVega)
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Dizeazed / DTP
Dizeazed - Lyrics / DTP - Music
Thu Mar 12, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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About the song's Grand Royal Battle (08-09)

Yo... Everyone's like
"Diz, DZ's so ill, DZ's so polished, DZ's so..." Listen
If DZ's so fukin' nice, then why'd he almost lose to fiktion
In round 1, yall kidding me, yall must be high off vapors
Did you miss his thread about how this kid is scared to wake the neighbors

When he records, what a bi***, just get a cheap place, Drew
Next to a school, so when your girl's out you still got access to screw
You pedophile, and dude, you need to get up off it
'Fore you're locked up, draining man fluid, and nicknamed "The Faucet"

Speaking of kids, I'm gonna take this back to the roots
This pic's of DZK when he was like 10, it's so cute
Except for the dude beside him is thinking that he's a chick
And wow, what'd he use for deodorant, baking soda and shit

Look at that stain, God damn, are you serious
Looks like his pit had an asshole and sh*** out something furious
Speaking of stains, what's on your pink shirt DZ
Got pissed on as a kid, then you'll get sh*** on as an adult: Easy

That pic's cropped, sleazy, I know how you work
Yo where's the rest of it, that's showing your nut-stained, pink skirt
Is that why you're mad, look at that mullet, it's so bad
That murderous hair probably taught you how to shoot and stab

Didn't it!? I see you got your background cemented
You've been f***ing your cousin since back when you were invented
Now don't deny it... Yo, for a minute, let's be frank dude
Your boyfriend's wearing a shirt that reads, "I Yank Andrew"

Don't worry, I didn't forget about you, Mr. Vega
Naming yourself after your favorite game played on Sega
Wtf, actually, his real alias is C-Gully
Cause his name is Carlos, and whoa... is he gully

Yea... He's that blimp who's posing in the sand
Oblivious to Ray Charles, who's clearly asking for a hand
You damn idiot, why don't you take a second to help him out
Rather than dreaming of giving your boyfriend some hadoooket in the mouth

Honestly, you and Ryu can frolic in the dirt
But why fuk would you take a picture wearing a parachute as a shirt
You're fukin huge dude, even your cups say it, look, geez
If Tuesday is fat, Wednesday must be fatally obese

It makes sense, and so I'm not gonna hate
How you gained some extra weight, cause apparently you ate your leg
Peep the pic, Carlos looking like a greasy, fat flamingo
Good thing you had your boyfriend there to help you pose mean, bro

Honestly it helped, you really look like a G
Next to that pink font pasted on a zebra striped t
And even though your left leg might be cut off at the knee
At least you don't wear pink font on a zebra striped t

Jesus, I'm-a do both of you like I'm Jesus
And have Salvdor be like "Jeff, I can't f***ing believe this"
Believe it, so when both you stoop to A-Men votes
I'll be getting them all, because I'm Jesus, you stupid hoes

Don't yall get it, they're both jokes, both Lieutenant Dangle's
I mean, who's taking DZ serious, come on bro, MySpace angles
I think not, and ayo, when's that album drop
Oh, never, you're too busy trying to get your blood clots to stop

I understand... but what happened to your upper lip
Oh, you ate it, cause your mom forgot to pack your lunch and shit
When you were like 10, standing right next to your tranny friend
Entering the shitstained t-shirt contest, oh, did you win

Yea, I bet you did, huh, you cute little douche
Looking like your uncle mushroom stamped approval on your cute caboose
You inbred, how does your gut even defy gravity
Cause in that pic it's pulling your sweatshirt away from your neck, savagely

Zero, Deezy, Drew, now DZK, it's clear to see
I'm the only one advancing here whose name's got a D, Z
So GV is irrelevant, but he thinks he looks like boss
But I watch T.V. and you look like the fat dude from LOST

Why you sound like Everlast, and stress that fake voice so hard
I'll steal your DJ, like Limp Bizkit, then watch your group fall apart
And his homosexual clan is labeled Slept On Fam
I caught them trading lunches, meaning they eat each other's ham

They rub it, they love it, and can't get enough of it
Gully configas arsenals of wargasms for the gay public
Wow, I just got that whole group in one line
Too bad it couldn't be straight if they were trying to lead each other, blind

These dudes are so huge that you can't see their kneecaps
Thighs be sliding down their legs, looking like melted beeswax
So let's face facts, yall both 30 and fat slobs
How bout you take a fukin break from this site and find some damn jobs!