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vs Matty P
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02/16/09 GRB - Round 4 vs ~Matty P~
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Dizeazed / M.O.P.
Dizeazed - Lyrics / M.O.P. - Music
Mon Feb 16, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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About the song's Grand Royal Battle (08-09)
Blaooww! This noobie is hitting the scene
Back the fuk up, Matt, you ain't getting at me
We're like the no-name herbs, the difference you see
Is I'm dope, and you're a geek, you ain't smoking this tree

Been doing this too long, the flow is ram strong
I'd shoot the tampon right out of your damn mom
Shit, if you bomb then I'm nuking the set
Cause you don't wanna chance me, I'm so Russian roulette

You love it, but I can take yall one step above it
So I'm laying out a Matt for the GRB public
Cause I'm so nice that my personality, it glisten
I'm so nice that I should be related to... LISTEN!

Quote me, see if you is getting a vote
Cause the last Jack that tried got McCrack-ed in his throat
My presence is no joke, recognize I cause problems
Dummy, your rhyme formula ain't smart enough to solve'em

I'm purebred savage, you're a tame mutt
If you're clever, I'd rather be lame as fuk
Cause I never wanna be associated with a Matty
Who's a living definition prime example of a baddie

Savvy, I go hard when I see Alice
Sadly, you couldn't flow hard with Cialis
I'm Chris Brown, look, there goes my doe
Cause I'm-a slap this bi*** around and end up missing my show

Damn Diz, how you gonna do him like that
Well, he chose to rap, and his stage name is Matt
Wow b, spice it up a bit man, serious
MattyP sounds just a bit bi-curious

Fix it, what I'm doing here is explicit
Fuked up all these kids and made the GRB illicit
Sick shit, slicing Matty up with the quickness
Then send him as a gift to his parents next Christmas

I automatically advance, you can't shift me
You don't stand a chance here, "Officer Riccckkyyy"
Step back, you ain't got a right to move
I be fuking up Matt's like I was some muddy shoes

I'm in a bad mood, so I'm shiting on dude
Like I was Dave Mathew's, go and check the news
Cause guys, it really happened, and why is Matty is rapping
Now I'm-a have to rip him up like cheap gift wrapping

What happened, in round 1 you was A-Biggs
And you lost!... Yes Matt, you lost
So how'd he come back, well, he took his name back
From Justice in round two, now tell me that ain't whack

He's a Warlock, magically appeared in round two
I own Dryer's, while Matty's working for a DQ
He's Shady, I tell you, but Dre wouldn't touch him
He's Shady, I tell you, well maybe Kim would fuk him

I dunno, and oh no, I went and changed my flo-ow
Black Rob'ing on a Matty cause this round is like whoa!
Blazed up, I'll Michael Phelps this cat
Packing up a bowl while I swim a victory lap

Matt's a Dick on the mic, American Bandstand
Addicted to dyke, a womanly man's man
... I'm serving this slut a backhand
Making it so when he sleeps, he's doing a handstand

I'll kill a Letterman, make your mail need Kleenex
I'm a fly dragon, Matt's a Joaquin (walking) Phoenix
Always touching wood when he's laid out flat
Cause in this round I'm a whole meal above your place-Matt

*brakes* Your ride ends here, MattyP
I'm taking a-round four, but at five I'm free
So if you're really gonna sign up and journey to win
Next year, try five names when the tourney begin--

Instead of two, you fukin' sleazebag, you're through
I'm beating Matt with berries, so he's black and blue
We're sorry Matt, pssshhh, actually we're not
Drop the fuk out, you ain't taking nobody's spot

I had Patrick Swayze write this rap
So I could spit cancerous sh*** all over the track
And use it to kill Matt, so he'll never drill back
Like a dentist, connecting your neck to ass crack

Wack, I'm calling you out, without a doubt
Cause your tennis ball flow just went into the crowd
L-m-f-a-o, your lyrics are laugh out loud
A-u-d-i-o, guess your text isn't allowed