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vs Jack McCrack
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01/26/09 GRB - Round 3 vs Jack McCrack
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Dizeazed / Jay-Z
Dizeazed - Lyrics / Jay-Z - Music
Mon Jan 26, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 85   (1,777,347 songs currently listed in HipHop)
» highest in sub-genre:   # 9   (32,958 songs currently listed in HipHop > Battles/Disses)
About the song's Grand Royal Battle (08-09)
I'm-a get violent on a Jack McCrack
Got karate in the bag cause I'm action packed
I'm-a choke on his neck till he flips his lid
Spazzes out and gets cracked like Travolta's kid

Ohhh... You ain't want none a this
Like enef mom jokes from a Zero-D diss
And although I'm labeled as an evil genius
I'm equipped with good bust's like a hero's penis

Man, I do this so breezy
Ask anyone, smoking crack's mad easy
Not much left, mixed up with the junk
That's two Jack's, capped up, back in my trunk

Jack thinks that he's winning this round
But a circus AIM ring couldn't help this clown
Don't try to act up, cause everybody know
Your a let down, Nim vs Cire - no show

Everybody want a bi*** when they know she's bi
But why'd I get a bi*** for a round three by
I'll beat him on a track, and watch dude cry
When I drive through Jack like when yall get high

I win you lose
Your lyrics miss beats like Bush dodge shoes
This pussy talks cheap, and now it makes sense
Why two of Jack's taco's are 99 cents

You flow gets slapped, mines tough as an ox
I'm upsetting Jack like I stepped on his box
Jeff, I'm-a need more cash, it's just facts
The prize is never worth eating cracker jacks

So I need compensation
All your sh*** work demands an explanation
A class of your own won't see graduation
To round four cause 3.9 is your station

There's no hope, it's plain to see
This Jack's music's a joke, like Tenacious D
I'm-a smack then choke, the whole family tree
That made Jack and provoked him to live and breathe

How could your parents have be so mean
Fed you and raised you till you were eighteen
Then release you off to a G-R-B
To a D-I-Z and lose in round three!?

And what's with the pic, no joke
Even in 96 that font wasn't dope
You look so wack, give back enef's hat
And stop showcasing where your free time is spent at

Pics with umbrellas and water cans are hard
Jack makes it rain on the plants in his backyard
Look at that mug, and look at those shades
You pose like it's cool to suck and have AIDS

Just leave, you're clearly outbid
I'll take Jack off this board like the paint on his crib
Then back to the morgue to repeat what I did
To the last two infants who stepped to the kid

You got no Mcchance, and I just Mclaugh
Cause you'll only ever advance into the Mctrash
Mccrack couldn't crack on a track
If he hit puberty and Kanye wrote his Mcrap

Listen to his voice, notice dude stress
Like thirty words per line and lack of breath
His flow's so off that it makes me think
His pen's retarded, and filled with autistic ink

I've known how to beat Jack's since I was six
At seven I upped my game to pick up sticks
But you ain't upped shit, still playing with balls
Whether it's Jacks, Tom's, Joe's or Paul's

Nobody takes you serious, cat
I'll embarrass you dude, like you fell face flat
I got this round pantsed, and it's a known fact
Everybody laughs when they see a Jack's McCrack