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vs CheddaCheese
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01/8/09 GRB - Round 2 vs CheddaCheese
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Dizeazed / ???
Dizeazed - Lyrics / ??? - Music
Thu Jan 08, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 142   (1,773,758 songs currently listed in HipHop)
» highest in sub-genre:   # 16   (32,893 songs currently listed in HipHop > Battles/Disses)
About the song's Grand Royal Battle (08-09)
I've heard a Swizz beat, I've heard a Jack rip
but I've never heard a CheddaCheese drop hot shit
You think you better then feta, but no comparison
I bully Canadian cheese cause I'm American

Nice flow, nice swag makes for a nice listen
I'm so nice that I should be related to Fiktion
The f*** up out my kitchen, what, you can't hear me hollering
I can't stomach your flow cause I'm lactose intolerant

Why am I bothering, nobody likes you
You like that college kid who still hangs around high school
I fly through so many kids of your stature
It's dumbed down my speech like I was AM-A-Teur

Amateur, my radius is your whole diameter
F***ing up your spot like pussy was the parameter
Man you sure you even got a chance against Diz
Better chances seeing Steven Hawking dance in show-biz

Canada versus Cali, you can't compete
We all know cheese melts when it's faced with the heat
Skinny geek, trash bag all around his neck
MP3's laughed at all around the net

And what hat's that, Disneylad, going for a fish
If Goofy saw you rocking that he'd kick you in the lips
Not up on your face, the ones beneath your hips
The ones that make your vocal tones sound like a bi***

I'll put you in a ditch, lay you out like some bricks
This cheese is getting fried like some mozzarella sticks
Mr. Bart train cop, I'm killing hella kids
Got this chedda, easy, like Christmas with relatives

Cheese and his tracks both share the same spot
Trashed after two days on the desktop
This chedda's all mold, only reason kid spits
Cause he breast feeds from a bi*** with sour tits

I seen dude's pic, and I was like "Wow!"
Cheese is the offspring of a mad cow
Now it makes sense, it's easy to see
DJ Qualls and Gilbert Grape went and had a baby

Why's this goon’s face all covered with acne
Looking like his cheeks got stomped by the whole track meet
Dude, your mom said to get proactive
You joined the GRB, she meant BUY PROACTIV!

You couldn't have a name more ridiculous, see
Who the f*** likes curdled milk, seriously
Your music, only had to hear that sh*** once
To know you're done like an anorexic bi*** with her lunch

Friends all embarrassed, family can't stand ya
Parents only mention you when posing for the camera
I'm top dog, you need to catch a clue
How you gonna face cats when even rats eat you

No chance to advance, Jeff, this is so sad
Gimme my macaroni, I got cheese in the bag