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vs Ripper Murdock
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12/14/08 GRB - Round 1 vs Ripper Murdock (aka Visual)
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Dizeazed / Timbaland
Dizeazed - Lyrics / Timbaland - Music
Mon Dec 15, 2008
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 286   (1,773,825 songs currently listed in HipHop)
» highest in sub-genre:   # 31   (32,896 songs currently listed in HipHop > Battles/Disses)
About the song's Grand Royal Battle (08-09)
All City Trashers, yall is outta my league
The only trash that I touch is hiding under my sink
Why you sniffing on that bottle like you enjoying the reek
From plugging it in that chick, like you was fixing a leak?

Peep the whole crew, man, they looking real mean
Made all your family shirts for a dollar-ninteen
Printed, top notch, at your local Walgreen’s
Then invite’em to your shows and asking em’all to scream

“Wooooo! That’s my boy, yep, you heard!?”
Whoops, guess you forgot to make dad a shirt
That’s the nerd in the back, posted with his finger up
Pointing to the exit, cause you need to leave the club

Look at dude’s shirt, what’s it say, “Die Fast”?
Well judging by your diets, you’ll surly go last
Eyes rolled back, drool falling out his mouth
Fantasizing about living up in Nestle’s Toll House

And right next to Hibe’s bro, it’s “Vote for Pedro”
Chillin’ in the cut like “Tell me when to go”
So innovative and new, the white trash crew
Spitting backwards on stage while the crowds behind you…

Oh wait, look, nobody’s there
No wonder Jabba the Hut has that questioning stare
Like “Wait, ain’t people supposed to be hearing all this?”
“Are those cookies I see in the back of this bi***!?”

So which is it, Murdock or Visual?
You couldn’t touch me if I paid you for a psychical
Never heard a Murdock, but watch me dock Mur
Out his life, like I was a Kevorkian doctor

Visual what? Visually incomplete?
Can you see how your flows always clash with the beats?
You see that your bro’s never mash in the streets?
In Flint Michigan, yall the trashiest geeks!

Do not compete, do not contest
That your flow is harder then those retro colors on your chest
Neon blue amp with the pink boom box
Skinny jeans stretching over rainbow toe socks

Murdock’s a homo, this Visual is gay
Couldn’t find a straight bone if he used an x-ray
“Ok fam, picture time, Murdock look over this way”
“No honey, put the bottle down, it doesn’t wanna play”

Dawg, stepping to me is Mick Vick
Cause your crew is dead meat, every one I’ll R.I.P.
I’ll R.I.P. Mr. Ripper Murdock, and Scat can take his shirt
And use it to clean your mic, and get all the trash and dirt off

Cause if you trash mics, then I make them neat
Cause you ruin tracks like the pops and clicks in this beat
Fix your crews name, cause you know damn right
Tossing out your Jordan’s is the only time you’ve trashed mics