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Dimaension X - Aetherial Art of Decay
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"Aetherial Art of Decay"
BARz (MeekMill/YoungM.A)
East Coast
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play hi-fi  Through The Passage For The Glory Of Dark Glo
play hi-fi  From The Northern Forevermore Under Black Immortal
play hi-fi  In a Bleakest Eternity Through Darkness
play hi-fi  Dwelling In The Heathen Blood Under Still Cries
play hi-fi  Over a Bleakest Wolf Under Pagan Supremacy
play hi-fi  Storming a Blood Red Realm Bewitched By Vast Horiz
play hi-fi  Blaspheming a Blazing Legion Under Grim Evil
play hi-fi  Battling For a Crucified Pentagram With Infernal D
play hi-fi  Storming The Still Death Bewitched By Supremacy
play hi-fi  Conquer The Blazing Storm In The Name Of Ancient H
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"Aetherial art of Decay"

An odd almalgam of free jazz improvisation and extreme metal -

All of the music is pretty much improvised and recorded on first or second take, with a few overdubs of some extra guitars here and there. Nothing was really planned out, except for a few intros or suggested chord progressions.

Also available for free download from:
The Internet Archive

Oh! The eviler-than-evil song titles were actually generated by one of those random generator websites (http://metalseb.free.fr/index.php)

Please visit my blog page at Dimaension X Realm
for a full list of links to my various Internet locations and buddies.
Your influences?
Bill Laswell's Painkiller and Praxis projects, Sonny Sharrock and Last Exit, Marc Ribot, Darkthrone, Gene Hoglan, The Ruins, Mortician, Tangerine Dream and Fripp/Eno

Weird combination, huh??
Favorite spot?
the deepest darkest depths of the most ancient bleakness of the abyss...
Equipment used:
only the most evil instrumentation available to the dark powers

actually, visit Dimaension X's main Soundclick page for the actual details...
Anything else...?
Be warned, ... this music is NOT for Nickleback or Linkin' Park fans, ...

Anyone who appreciates real hard, fast, heavy grind-core meets-free-jazz will "get" it.

Anyone else really shouldn't even bother,...
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