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Bard of Ely
NEWS   I am waiting for the date for Britain's Got Talent next year because I am through to the televised auditions before the judges.
Harvest Home
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Bard of Ely's song Harvest Home illustrated with a selection of photos from his personal archives
No Sunshine
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The Bard of Ely is signed to Crai Records (the label where Catatonia began) as frontman for TAFFIA and an EP
was released which included his songs 'Harvest Home' and 'You're a Liar, Nicky Wire.' Bard of Ely is a singer/songwriter, poet, compere, and a real ordained Celtic Bard being a member of the Gorsedd of Bards of Caer Abiri and also Principal Bard of The Traveling Court of Camelot (the musical wing of the
Loyal Arthurian Warband druid order). The Bard is also the author of Herbs of the Northern Shaman (Loompanics). Bard of Ely has had his music broadcast worldwide on the radio and has appeared countless times on TV too. He was the co-presenter of a series called 'In Full View' on BBC Choice.

Why this name?
I didn't choose the name myself but I was writing for Big Issue Magazine and they called me it. After that it sort of stuck and I liked the idea of being a Bard from a huge council estate! LOL
Do you play live?
Yes! All sorts of places but my most memorable gigs have been at Glastonbury Festival, which I've played at 7 times now and also been the compere for the Avalon Stage 2 years in a row. Also I have played the Green Man Festival this year and last and have songs on the CD album released for it.

And speaking of 'Live' I have a LIVE JOURNAL with all sorts of news and photos.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives more people access to more music. It is great for unsigned acts to get exposure and find fans. It also provides a wonderful way for music collaborations to occur.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I have been writing poetry and songs since I was in high school and just kept at it. I have played all sorts of gigs both solo and fronting local bands. I have had releases on CDs, cassettes and vinyl including 'Mask' an EP on Pink Lemon Records from Germany that Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals bought in a local shop. I have had my music used for TV documentary and drama programmes and had plenty of airplay on the radio too. Probably my greatest success with recordings has been getting 'You're a Liar, Nicky Wire' and 'Harvest Home' released on Crai Records following publicity in the NME and elsewhere.

I am always open to offers and looking for new ways of promoting my music!

Here are some more CDs I have tracks on:

'You're a Liar, Nicky Wire' was first released on the compilation above on Dockrad Records from Cardiff, and 'Priest of the Venusians' is included on the double CD by Bands United:

Your influences?
Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, John Lennon, Blondie, Dory Previn, The Idle Race, Bridget St John, Beach Boys, Nico, Kevin Ayers, Jefferson Starship, T Rex, Bowie, The Stones, Joni Mitchell, Roy Harper, Syd Barrett, Kate Bush, The Byrds, Joan Baez, Jefferson Airplane, Sex Pistols, Donovan, Arthur Brown, Arthur Lee, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, Incredible String Band, The Zombies, Bread, REM. I love singer/songwriters and also I like a lot of different styles from Tamla through to punk! The songs must say something!
Favorite spot?
Tenerife. I went there last year to visit

yidneth.com: Priscilla Hernandez singer-songwriter and illustrator

and fell in love with the island Priscilla lives on and must return because I wish I could live there!
I have been writing features for the Health section of Tenerife News - www.tennews.com
- since March 2004 though so that's a move in the right direction and recently I have been asked to do even more articles for the paper!

I was lucky enough to have met Priscilla's dearly beloved dog Kira when I was in Tenerife but very tragically since then she has passed away. Priscilla has made a tribute site to her dearest friend and has asked me to help spread the word which I am doing here. Please click on the banner to find out more and hear a most beautiful piece of emotional music:

In memory of Kira: beloved friend

Equipment used:
Whatever I have!
Anything else...?
Crum who has played keboards for the legendary Hawkwind and who has his own band The Moonloonies has added synth over-dubs to 3 of Bard of Ely's songs and remixed them. The Crum remixes are all at the top of the Bard's music page. Click on the picture of the Moonloonies being abducted below to find out more about the band:

Here is what the deservedly popular

wrote about the Bard:

Words can barely describe the amazing, multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-media phenomenon that is the Bard of Ely!!! Part eco-warrior, poet, Arthurian Druid, master of herblore, techno-folk fusion pioneer, MC, songwriter, singer, actor, writer and performer, the Bard has assumed cult status and is featured in many counter-culture books and articles ... a genuine iconic figure!

Something else that distinguishes this talented artist is his enthusiastic and positive support for music and musicians, and his friendly, universally-respected presence across the online music community. We are proud to know him -Steve, the Bard of Ely!!!

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