Mickeymix (US)
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play hi-fi  The Darkest Nights (Tonight)
play hi-fi  Like Heaven
play hi-fi  Wiggle and a Walk
play hi-fi  Groovy Chicks
play hi-fi  2 O'Clock in the Morning
play hi-fi  Let's Just Say (It's Over)
play hi-fi  662-5006 Wedgey
play hi-fi  I Love Christmas Time
play hi-fi  Nita's Song
play hi-fi  Too Shy (An Angels Song)
These are all my own songs ......no band......just Lil ole me! Recorded with RIFFWORKS software from Sonoma WireWorks. A must have for any singer/songwriter/guitar player!!!
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Why this name?
It's an old nickname.....given to me by my mom.......from an old dogfood commercial ....called Mighty Mix in Phoenix, AZ in the early '60s ....I thought they were saying Mickeymix(Mom called me that) and the name stuck........it has nothing to do with my recording mix skills not that I have any LOL...........
Do you play live?
Whenever I get the chance here in the South Florida area..........
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is letting a lot of music that wouldn't ordinarily be heard.......to be enjoyed.........truly a cool thing.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Uh let me think about it...wait......WAIT.............OF COURSE! Duh!!
Band History:
My band here consists of me recording my original songs using RiffWorks recording software from Sonoma WireWorks......... The greatest recording tool since the 4-track! Aww hell since the dawn of MANKIND.......... you a guitar player/ singer/ songwriter? You want to record? Then get RiffWorks from Sonoma WireWorks!!!!!!
You will NOT be disappointed!
Your influences?
Musical Influences:
The Rifflink Junkies /The Rolling Stones / The Clash / The Ramones / The Stray Cats / The Cult /Tommy Bolin / The Sex Pistols / Judas Priest / Gary Moore / The Living End / The Beatles / Rancid / Van Halen / Accept / The Hellecasters .............. etc

Favorite spot?
Miami, Orlando, San Diego, or Vegas baby!
Equipment used:
AMPS: Line 6 Spider 1/ Crate V32 Palomino (All TUBES Baby) / Behringer GMX 212
Guitars: Mexican Telecaster / OLP Wolfy modified with Seymour Duncan Pick-ups / Green Fender Stratocaster with TBX noiseless pick-up system /Epiphone Les Paul / Gibson Flying V2(Ironic isn't it)bought in 1980.
Mics : Shure SM 57/58 / B.L.U.E Baby Bottle Condenser
HeadPhones : SennHeiser HD 280 PRO's
Keyboards : Yamaha PSR-E403
SoftWare: TonePort UX2 / GearBox / Reason / Cubase SX / Sonar 5 / Audacity / Guitar Rig 2 / Amplitube 2 /
RiffWorks Version 2
Any Boss stompbox
CryBaby Wah
Rat Distortion Pedal
Tom Scholz RockMan X100 Yeah I still got mine!!
Anything else...?
MMMMMmmmmmmm BEER........it helps!
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