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1. You may sell up to 2,500 copies.

2. Used for 1 commercial/profitable use (Mixtape, CD, iTunes, etc).

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1. Free, & Paid downloads are to be used for listening/writing purposes only.

2. You may NOT use these for ANY commercial use.

3. Free Downloads & 0.99c Downloads DO NOT MEAN FREE LEASES.

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NEW HIT !!! G(._ . )G- Sex You
Instrumentals : Beats General
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RICH HOMIE!!!_G(._ . )G- Pray for Me
Instrumentals : Hip Hop
Lease for $20.00 untagged Hi Quality- "We Are"
A SoundClick Top 50 song
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NEW!!! G(._ . )G- 1st Class
Instrumentals : Beats General
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G(._ . )G- Yung Rich N*ggas
Instrumentals : Trap
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