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play hi-fi  Back on the Street
play hi-fi  Hot Breeze
play hi-fi  Just Thoughts
play hi-fi  Games of Love
play hi-fi  So Angry
play hi-fi  All I Wanna Do
play hi-fi  Life Can Be Easy
play hi-fi  Thought You Loved Me
play hi-fi  Pretty One
play hi-fi  There Was Pain

Here you go, another CD by some unknown
musician-type. We assume that you listen to CDs and encourage you to try and enjoy this one. It's weird but with a sense of wry humor that leans to the satirical-quickie.

No religious overtones or harmonics. No nasty overuse of musical ability. No political nonsense! Nothing worth condemning--just some personal stuff that had to get out...
Band History:
River Music first released this as a cassette in 1991
Your influences?
Miles Davis