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Rap Jesus
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God/Dolly Hallenbeck
2007 All Rights Reserved!

Tue May 24, 2011
Talk : Religious
Take charge
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I was on my way to the store, and I was almost to the door. When I heard a fellow say, Hey, get outta my way. So I turn around and say, who made you my boss today? And I see this anger rise, I can see it in his eyes. So I say Lord what should I do? Cause now I'm lookin to you. And He says pray! I was drivin in my car, when you don't know where you are. And a car pulls up behind me and lays on the horn. I know it's all my fault, but my reaction is to vault, from the car I'm sittin in, and ask when were you born?? Cause it's rude where I come from, to rush us older ones. The Lord stops me in my tracks and just says pray. I was sittin on the beach. Suntan lotion was in my reach. When a group of kids run by, kick a ton of sand in my eye. So I want to run reall fast, tell them off, watch them squirm when their names I ask, but that still small voice inside says just pray. I was on my way to church, when the front wheel starts to lurch. That old tire's going flat, and the spare's not in the back. Cause I used it on the car, last fall when inspection was due. Not one person even slows down, so I end up walkin to town. Words go through my head, like why didn't you stay in bed? No one's going to stop and give you a ride. And now your shirt's gonna need a whole lot of Tide! But I turn to the Lord- He tells me pray! I was drivin in my car, It was late and I was going far. When I get behind a Sunday driver type. He's goin 42, and doesn't know what to do, when I zip up behind himin my little car and begin to beep. I figure he'll move over, can't he see? I need to get by him, Let me be. But instead I've confused him so he slows, thinking I'll pass by him on those double yellow rows. I try to be patient, I try to wait, for a break in the traffic or a passing place. MMy body heat rises, I so want to say, why didn't you stay home, and get out of my way! Luckily Jesus was my passenger that day. He told me what I needed to hear He say just pray! That's what He said, He said pray!