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Mark Hawkins
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Legions of the Serpent on acoustic!
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Acoustic death metal
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I am a self taught guitarist/producer from Tampa, FL. Currently living and teaching out of Clearwater, FL. I stay busy. I'm currently working on albums with Soul Cycle, Assimilated Mind Phase, Robots Pulling Levers, CÖFE TIME and DEVOLVED. Keep an eye out.
Why this name?
It was given to me at birth.
Do you play live?
Not enough. Love playing live and wish I could do it more.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Internet is great.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Most likely, but not sure how valuable that would be in this day and age.
Your influences?
Opeth, Dream Theater, Steve Vai, The Faceless, The Mars Volta, Between the buried and me, Pantera, Meshuggah, Symphony X, Necrophagist, Bulb
Favorite spot?
Haven't found it yet.
Equipment used:
Dean Cadillac with EMGs (85/81)
BC Rich Mockingbird
Dean Razorback 7-string
Agile Bloodburst Pro 8-string
Traben Array Limited 5-string bass
Dean Key Largo Acoustic
Alvarez Jumbo 12-string Acoustic

Line 6 gear (Toneport UX2) and Ableton Live software, Ezdrummer, Drumkit from hell Vol#1, Addictive Drums (on earlier tracks)
Anything else...?
Tell your friends!
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