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Zapp Royce
New School
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Zapp Royce often described as a rough diamond is mainly me with selected musicians who want to get involved creating original cool, funky, upbeat music.
My soundclick profile is more of a sound gallery, not all the songs featured on this site are mine, but if they are featured I will be playing on them or have some involvement regarding the production for example Andy Gray's song Don't Get Left Behind I introduced Kirsten Price & Joanna to Andy.
Just a quick update
Global Warming IS now back on itunes etc I'll tell you why shortly.

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Why this name?
Just thought that it sounded OK !!
Do you play live?
Yep various clubs around the United Kingdom.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I hope mp3's will give unsigned artists like myself a platform to share their music and hopefully make some cash olla at the same time.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah maybe if was offered enough money, and the terms were suited towards my creative rights.

The following review was from a band I was in around 1989.
Band History:
The Northern Advocate, Saturday, December 16, 1989. (New Zealand)
One of the year's best albums
The Big E
"Mightier Than Mike"
As soon as I saw a world class boxer on the cover I new that this was going to be a knockout of a recording.
Three likely lads from England: recorded this album in Thailand & Singapore and what a gem it is.
Ten original tracks of rock, reggae fusion that make Big Audio Dynamite sound like a damp fire cracker. As they say in "Judy in The Red Shoes", you don't follow fashion when you've got style.
"Face de Music" and "Americano's" are pure, low down, ass kicking dance tracks that will make even the most liberal among us boogie until dawn, and "Monsoon" is really something quite special.
This is the best album I have heard all year and I can't see it being bettered.
Rating out of 10: 9.5
-Mike Dinsdale
Your influences?
Break beat, Drum 'n' Bass, Motown, Bebop, Popcorn, Soul, Gospel, Funky R+B, Jazz funk, Acid Jazz, Freestyle, Experimental, , Ambient, Trance, freakstyle etc.
Favorite spot?
Widemouth Bay. Cornwall.
Equipment used:
Selmer tenor saxophone, Washburn electric guitar, yamaha semi acoustic guitar, soundcraft and alan & heath desks, akai sampler, korg m1 etc.
Anything else...?
Zapp Royce is a self taught musician, programmer, songwriter, philosopher,inventor.
Look out for the humour in his work and don't take it too seriously,
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