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play hi-fi  Broken Silence
play hi-fi  Always
play hi-fi  Momentum
play hi-fi  No Mans Land
play hi-fi  Under The Cover Of Darkness
play hi-fi  Invisible
play hi-fi  The Point Of No Return
play hi-fi  Forgiveness
play hi-fi  Synth Punk
play hi-fi  Digital Cafe
Electronica/EBM/Trance. Melodic and heavy synth - a mixture of 80's and modern music using the latest sounds and technology. UK based. All original.

New album -

Do you play live?
Well I'm not dead?
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It will take over in the end.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course.
Band History:
Started 25 years ago but never got serious until March 2007 when I set up my first DAW. I had written tracks on an arranger keyboard some of which have now been programmed. Some material is brand new, and work is always in progress!
Your influences?
DM / Mesh / Project Pitchfork / Tiesto / PVD / VNV Nation / Mind In A Box / Numan +++
Equipment used:
Project5 / Live 7 / Sylenth1 / /Nexus / Blue / Stylus RMX / Rapture / Z3ta / Komplexer / Wusikstation / Vanguard / DimPro+++++ / E-MU X Board61 / AMD64 5000+ / 2gb Ram / Win XP Pro
Anything else...?
New album -

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