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'speech of life'
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Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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hi, my name is "kaufi"....
im a german guitar-player and songwriter with a strange own touch and publish my songs under the band-name "fogy". im born 1967.
my songs are almost experimental and they are not unconditional main-stream-songs.

wish near all a nice living....

Why this name?
it´s a very old nickname....
Do you play live?
yes, but only for pets....
Band History:
i play since my childhood guitar and sometimes, when i have a song-idea, i record a new song and publish them....thats all.
Your influences?
from abba to zappa....
Favorite spot?
odin´s wald ^_^
Equipment used:
-guitar: Ibanez

- a "pod"

-bass: career

-keyboard: yamaha

- micro: sennheisser

-amplifier: kustom

-recorder: tascam

Anything else...?
i write all music and lyric and play all instruments self and the drums i build most with a keyboard....

thank you for visiting my site and have a nice time....