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We are young Polish band called Jellosea. Our music can be described as power-prog metal. Our main target is to create interesting melodies. To spice up our compositions a little we add some weird time signatures and atypical keys. Despite the fact that we are from Poland, majority of our lyrics are in English.

Jellosea consists of five people:

Kate - vocals
Paul - guitars
Philip - keybords
Tom - bass guitar
Martin - drums

Our age varies from 17 up to 22. Our musical inspirations differ but we manage to get along well somehow.

We are currently working on our first album called "Caught In Between"! Some songs are already available for download here, on SoundClick. Check them out! To get more information about Jellosea take a look at our website:!
Why this name?
We were forced to change our previous name (Delusion) to the new one because there were some copyright issues. Jellosea is a compromise between seriousness (the word sounds like jealousy) and silliness.
Do you play live?
We play live regularly, just like any other metal band and yeah - we love it!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It may be a great way to promote yourself but, on the other hand, p2p kills music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course because contract gives you many new opportunities and contacts. You can organise show in almost every place you want, you get money which can be used to pay for the studio, recording of a video and stuff like that. In Poland, if you're not signed to a solid label, you are condemned to pay for everything with your own money.
Band History:
Just a few words... We've been playing together since 2004. At first we didn't plan to form a regular band. It was our little hobby, something to do when you're bored on weekends. Now everything has changed and we are aiming much higher. A few more years and... who knows?
Your influences?
We're a metal band and a solid guitar sound is the most important thing for us. Nice vocals, catchy melodies on top and complicated background riffs. We're influenced by prog bands like Dream Theater, Pain Of Salvation or Evergrey but also by a simplier music coming from power or heavy metal artists.
Equipment used:
Equipment is our biggest problem. We don't have enough money to buy some decent stuff but we're doing our best. Step by step we're collecting our racks.
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