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Polk County Representaz
Kyle Junior
*No Bad Days* Travis Scott x Killy Type Beat
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Ay,whasts good everyone this ya boys Bizzi and Doh'Boi of P.C.R
Why this name?
Just wanted to rep our county to the fullest.
Do you play live?
We havent played live yet because we're working on our album but we will be doin shows and parties soon.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its helpin artist like us now a days to get there music out to the public without all the hassels,which is good to also get noticed by label's and A&R's.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah,if the deal was good and the contract had what we wanted in it why not?
Band History:
The group was started about 6months back which was right before 2008...we are cuzin's by blood who love rap with a passion and have alot of determination,We also have alot to offer we are currently workin on our 1st album I know ya'll hear people sayin that alot but we gotta hook up with a producer by the name of "Bigg Baby" who is Riskay's manager/producer and he also produces REAL and Chaney B which are local artist in our area Riskay tho is the only one who has a record deal,she just recently signed with Universal,So as u can tell we'd like to as well...Our album is entitled "Destined For Fame" why? cuz well they way we see it thats what we our...We was at a time in our lives where the only way to escape the drama of life and to express our feelings was on a mic so thats what we did...We also have 2 other members in the group B-Boi and Nu Breed which are also local artist...B-Boi who was a close friend of Doh'Boi when they we're a part of 2 Gunz Up but they had left because the so called "label" was nothin but a bunch of "FAKES n WANKSTAS" then shortly after Nu Breed came into the picture he's been doin his thing out here in Polk County,FL for awhile now we needed someone of his stature to help us get better and show us the ropes and he's done just that,Well there ya have it thats the story of the hottest group in polk county.

yours truely,Polk County Representaz
Your influences?
Basicly the whole dirty south,thats our main influcence ofcourse we love all the greats we dont even have to say their names cuz 2 are in a better place now,but the south has been our influcence since it blew up.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere in Polk County aint no place like home baby.
Equipment used:
We Use a AKG Perception 100 mic,and Abobe Audition 3 the easiest and best recording program we've ever had and it has just as good quality if not better than Pro Tools...almost eveyone out here in our area uses it.
Anything else...?
KEEP COMING BACK!!!! We're gonna be postin all our songs here from our ALBUMS and MIXTAPES we should have new songs weekly unless somethin comes up...and if u have any questions u can hit us up and we'll get back to ya ASAP.
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