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Oval Project
Soon Final Mix
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11/27/10 @ 02:08 PM     post a comment
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This is Just something I did out of Boredom and Actually Kept this Vocal Take as the Final Version, Well Most of it!
East Coast
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I am an Electronic musician that composes using ONLY hardware. There are NO computers employed in any of my creations and I will keep it that way! The majority of my songs tend to have an industrial edge to them, but I tend to stray from that quite frequently. My MAIN tool is the Kurzweil K2600X. She is the Brain of my studio. She tells everything to do what I tell her to tell them! The majority of these songs are exclusively her. She at times has "lurching" issues but that's just MY lazy fault for not cleaning out useless data, so some of the transitions between parts are not as smooth as they should be! I rarely use drum loops, but I do play the loops as an instrument. I am big into introductions and my Favorite part of my songs are the Bridges. The Majority of these songs are instrumentals because they are not finished! I would sincerely appreciate any comments and criticisms. That's how we become better! My writing style sometimes takes time for the song to get going! I try to convey a feeling or almost an emotional journey in each composition, sort of a "journey" through my head!

NO COMPUTERS WERE INVOLVED AT ANY TIME DURING THE WRITING, RECORDING AND PRODUCTION OF ANY OF THESE SONGS!!!! That's why there are many times of imperfection!!! They will be fixed! ;)
Why this name?
My writing style takes time to evolve, but eventually comes full circle! Like the Oval, Not Round nor perfect.
Do you play live?
I actually played out once as this band and it happened to be at the Al Rosa Villa. Yes the same place Dime Bag Darrel Lost his life!! RIP
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think it allows us "bedroom" Artists get our stuff out to fresh ears!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
Depeche Mode!!! Early Nine Inch Nails, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Larry Fast "Synergy", Rick Wakeman, Jeane Michelle Jarre, Jem Godfrey "Frost*", Ken Andrews "On", Peter Gabriel, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Bob Moog, Dave Smith "SCI", Tom Oberheim, My Dad "RIP 08-14-95", My Mom!
Favorite spot?
Have Not Been there yet!! So far it would be Mirror Lake on the OSU campus!
Equipment used:
My current gear list is: Kurzweil: K2600X, K2661, PC3LE6, Mark 150 | Korg: Oasys88, Triton EX61, KP-3 | Yamaha: Motif-rack es, Motif 8 | Roland: V-Synth, E-80, JP-6 | Ensoniq: ZR-76, TS-12, VFX, EPS-16+, ESQ-1, ESQ-1R | Oberheim: OB-8, Matrix 1000 | Alesis QS-7, Fusion6-HD | Sequential Circuits: Prophet VS, Six-trak | EMU: Xtreme lead, Vintage Pro || Misc. Drum Machines: TR-909, HR-16, RX-8, CR-78, CR-8000, XR-20 | Recording Gear: 2 Korg D-1600's synced || And yes, the list will continue to grow!! Yes, I am a gear whore and yes I use it all!

The older songs (At the bottom) were done using an Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus, Roland D-50, Alesis MMT8 sequencer, Alesis HR-16B, Alesis Quadra Synth and multi-tracked on an old Fostex X-26. WOW how technology has changed!
Anything else...?
Music is a gift! If you happen to be blessed with the talent to create such a gift, Share it, Give the gift back!
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