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Beth Fridinger
NEWS   Please listen to "Oh Why Must They Die" at Neil Young’s Living With War Hit CONTROL F to search for Beth Fridinger. Thanks for the support! Also, Beth Fridinger at CD Baby
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I am a singer songwriter who would like to collaborate. I sing and play rhythm guitar. I've written songs that are classic rock, blues, folk, Americana. and have at least several more songs to record. I just picked up the guitar again in early 2006 and just began to write and sing in November of 2006.
My song "Oh Why Must They Die" is posted here:

Please listen to "Oh Why Must They Die" at Neil Young’s Living With War Hit CONTROL F to search for Beth Fridinger. Thanks for the support!

Why this name?
It's just me, folks, collaborating with friends
Do you play live?
I am a singer/songwriter and I have done open mikes and perform in the streets and subways. I have become quite comfortable behind the microphone.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's amazing that I can create songs and they get heard...and I can collaborate with musicians anywhere in the world. Now if only I could travel again, I could meet some of my new good friends!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Maybe but the opportunity is very very unlikely
Band History:
I just started writing music and singing in November of 2006. I have collaborated with some talented friends and have begun to record and mix my own music. I have also expanded from playing the guitar to playing bass, mandolin, and some harmonica, keyboards, and simple percussion such as eggs, tambourine, and drum brushes.
Your influences?
too many to mention but I've always liked blues and rock and I am influenced by 60s and 70s music but love all kinds of music, everything from Bach to bluegrass to heavy metal! But I am most influenced at the moment by blues, classic rock, and folk...I would like to expand my influence. I can't imagine sticking to one genre...I think it would be boring!
Favorite spot?
The Public Gardens downtown, Harvard and Central Square, Cambridge. I also love South America and Ecuador in particular, and have been there five times.
Equipment used:
Alvarez acoustic, Fender Tele, Yamaha strat, Ibanez bass, Kramer bass, Michael Kelly mandolin, Hohner harmonicas, Yamaha keyboard synth, Shure Beta 58a mike (for recording), SM58 and Audio Technica and Crate mikes. Fender Blues Deluxe amp, Fender Harvard Reverb, Crate BT50 bass amp, Crate Taxi, Vox DA5, Boss 880 Rhythm machine, lapsteel, tambourine, shakers, drum brushes, hand drum. I currently use an M-Audio interface and Cool Edit Pro for recording using my PC.
Anything else...?
Music is the most amazing thing. It's the most fun I have ever had as an artist!
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