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play hi-fi  Like a Boss Do
play hi-fi  'Tron
play hi-fi  I Am The Streets
play hi-fi  Let Me Get That
play hi-fi  Lover's Lane
play hi-fi  Motivation ft Den Watson & DAW
play hi-fi  This is My Life ft J. Friday
play hi-fi  Watch Me Do It ft Omar "Big O" Gooding & Papa
play hi-fi  Nothin Like Me
play hi-fi  Dont Get Mad
Jess J’s music can be classified in the same authoritative realm of T.I. or Rick Ross, but with the compassion of Tupac. You’ll hear the influences of a variety of artists, old and new, in Jess J’s music. With that being said, Jess J sounds like Jess J. Through his original music, Jess helps you feel and experience something missing in today’s world of hip-hop, realness.

Over the last couple of years, Jess J has been building a strong following throughout the south and southwest. Performing in various cities, Jess J's presence and energy have captivated audiences time and time again. In concert, Jess often displays characteristics of the elusive “It” factor.

What separates Jess from most artists today is that he is 100% self-contained. Jess J writes, produces, performs, arranges, mixes, & masters the vast majority of his music. Jess also promotes most of his concerts, including the “Get Money Stop Hatin” Tour that covered over 20 cities in 2009-2010.

To date, Jess has independently released one album and two mixtapes, combining to sell close to 20,000 units. Jess is currently recording material for a new album set to be released this year.

What sets Jess J’s music apart is his ability to make street music respected by the mainstream as well as mainstream music respected by the streets. His overall allure, empathy, and street savvy bring a new dimension to an old story that has been told many times before…..
Why this name?
Its my real name. My First Name is Jesse. My middle name is the letter J. My last name is Jones. Hence, you have Jess J. Real name no gimmicks.
Do you play live?
I've headlined concerts in over 20 states. Look out for the "S.T.A.N.D. U.P." Tour in 2012
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet gives the artist much more control. The days of the major labels and the Big 3 (TV, Radio, & Print) are slowly fading away.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Most definitely. I love being independent, but its draining when you work as hard as I do.
Band History:


Jess J – It Aint Nothin to a Boss (2009)

Jess J – Nothin’ Left to Do But Ball (Coming Soon)


Jess J – Boss of All Bosses (2007)

Jess J – Get Money Stop Hatin Vol (2008)

Jess J – Get Money Stop Hatin Vol. 2 (Coming Soon)


19,000 CDs & MixTapes Sold
100+ Concerts & Events Promoted
5,000+ Website Hits Per Month
10,000+ Ringtone Downloads
50,000+ Social Media Friends & Followers
200,000+ YouTube Plays & Channel Views
17,000+ Newsletter Subscribers
30,000+ Mailing List Contacts
2,000,000+ Song & Media Plays
Your influences?
Eminem and Jay Z are probably my biggest influences as far as putting words together. As far as demeanor and lane I'm in, probably closer to TI or Rick Ross. At the end of the day, Jess J is Jess J. But I've been influenced alot by all types of music.
Favorite spot?
Club SOBE - Miami, FL
Equipment used:
Pro Tools, Mac I5, Waves Mercury, Waves Diamond Bundle, AKG C-414, Roland - Fantom X, Yamaha - Motif, FL Studio 9, & Reason 9.0
Jess J - It Aint Nothin to a Boss
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