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White Rob Dirt G
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My Name is Rob, Im 21 years old from all ova. But my heart rests in Houston, TX down on the southside streets of Bellfort. After being taken from there in my childhood, I was brought to Blacksburg, VA where I went to High School and met some real azz muthaf***a's from Detroit. CSC Baby. Holla to all my Cambridge Sqaure Homies. They the type to make any place hood forreal!! John Blaze whatup!!Then with all the trouble I was in growin up, I spent time in South Florida down in Palm Beach, SHOUT out to my homies on MLK/Seacrest Blvd. in Boynton, Sum Real azz muthaf***as fo sho!!Then On my Travels I spent time up in WV where Ain't nuttin forreal. I came up here to start my own biz in the local mall. Shout out to all my young Entrapraneurs. Now I'm kicking off my rap thing with the money I'm makin. Holla!!

Why this name?
I'm The CEO
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
Common,Jay Z,T.I. Young Buck,All North and Southside Houston Rappa's and if you from there you already know who you is,Shouts ta dipset and tha Purple City Byrd Gang,Messy Marv and Guce,Keep it Hyphy!! Also Shouts ta Trick Daddy and Rick Ross! But, I like everyone, we all are influential. Show Love to the the Game, we all tryin ta eat.

Favorite spot?
Houston, TX
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