*NEW* Way Way Way Up (SE|DC)
New School
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play hi-fi  Way 2 Fonky
play hi-fi  Funk Beyond Control
play hi-fi  Jazz Seduction!
I'm A Well Known Dj who's been on the scence for 25 years now, and when you come see me live you will not only experience the music you experience the performer behind
the music.......
Why this name?
everyone use to call that name before i got into djing or even into music, so when i got into music i adopted that name...
Do you play live?
yes i play live, i play all the clubs in the detroit metropolitan area and ohio;
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet change alot , beccause you can download or even purchase music off the internet sites, instead of going to the record shops...i also think that mp3's sound much more clearer than the actuall vinly you purchase from the stores.(that's my personal view as a dj)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
DJ Reggie Regg(TM) aka Reginald Swinton Born and raised in Detroit, MI, DJ Reggie Regg uses his unparalled ability to fuse House, R & B, Hip-Hop, and Old School to redefine the boundaries of musical genres. He combines beat mixing and scratching to further enhance his professional sound design. He is a DJ who defines, rather than letting himself be defined! As an artist, he began playing drums and other musical instruments at age five and seven years later developed his DJ talent. Within a few years he was partners in a mobile DJ business where he later branched out on his own to further express himself through his unique beats. 24 years in the making, he has compiled four CD's and is currently producing his own album. Active in the Detroit music scene since 1982, he has performed at numerous nightclubs throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area as well as the WEMF (World Electronic Music Festival) outside of Toronto, Canada. He has established a name for himself and his journey continues by actively practicing and creating his own unique style of dance music throughout the world! As put by Dr. Dre - "I can't let you win, if you try to stop what I love 2 do
Your influences?
The Late James Brown,The Late Rick James,Prince,Hammer,The Late Joe Tex,George
Favorite spot?
las vegas
Equipment used:
2 technic 1200's, beringer mixer, yamaha br15speakers, reasons 3.0, numark cd scratch player,rane serato,pro tools hd;
Anything else...?
Just Remember This, "GOD" is Everything!
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