NEWS   one love to everyone in the world cop the what's real is real vol.1 fire music 16 tracks under boondox records u will not be love!
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play hi-fi  I'm That n***
play hi-fi  Respect Me Feat. Ramello The Don
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Davyonne "D-Regular" Delaney is straight from the hood of Newark New Jersey. Born a
true rapper since the age of 12 and is a proud father of a beautiful boy and girl. The
oldest of five siblings he had to deal with a rough childhood . From a father who denied
him at birth to a mother who was on drugs and doing prison time. D -Reg stayed in talent
shows, rap battles, and fund raisers to ease his mind of tough times. D-Regular is one of
the most fierce, inspirational, and original emcees in the music industry right now.

What’s Real Is Real (album 2007)
Why this name?
i chose d-regular cuz of my originality the had this name since 15 years old!been rapping since 12 though.
Do you play live?
yes,fashion shows,talent shows,birthday parties rap battles,whatever comes to mind.yes i love what i do
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the originality of the music everyone has their own taste getting the people to relate you digg?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
boondox is a comfortable label depending on the circumstances if business is done right there is a lot of sneaky managers out there that will try to get over on u! but yeah if it's a legit label boondox would partnership with them!
Band History:
winning rap battles all over virginia!i make hits now the next level!
Your influences?
kanye west,eminem,jay-z,jeezy,a lot of old school emcees as well such as rakim,curtis blow,kool-g rap,etc.i also love styles p he's hot too!
Favorite spot?
newark,nj where i'm from born and raised!
Equipment used:
studio equipment i'm a rap artist!computer,mic,booth,mixer,etc.
Anything else...?
i am rap music get a dose of d-regular!street and humble as ever!
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