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Aesthetics no Danna
NEWS   I am Prince Rori~
Anac On The Beat
* If I Could- 64 BPM- Official 17 - BUY 1 GET 3 *
EDM Instrumental
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play hi-fi  Melodies of Life
play hi-fi  Nyasu no Uta (Cover)
play hi-fi  Dearest (half cover)
play hi-fi  I Love You (Cover)
play hi-fi  Titanium (Cover)
play hi-fi  Safe and Sound (half cover)
play hi-fi  Magnet (half cover)
play hi-fi  L's Message (Rori'd)
play hi-fi  Fukai Mori (Cover)
play hi-fi  Euterpe (Cover)
es moi.
Do you play live?
One time in the Philadelphia Free Library. It was Antoinette Blue by Nana Kitade.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
suuure. sure
Equipment used:
At2020 Audio-Technica Cardio Condenser with M-Audio Mobilepre Preamp.
your lance corporal