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NEWS   My computer broke. My microphone's muffled.

So basically I have to wait until next year, which is coming soon, to buy a new microphone. You guys will probably hear from me on another account...if you care. I might not use this account anymore due to personal reasons. See ya'!
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play hi-fi  Last Regrets Piano
play hi-fi  Cherry Blossoms Blooming Preview
play hi-fi  Rainy Night
play hi-fi  HUG (Japanese)
play hi-fi  Half Pain Piano
play hi-fi  Hoshiakari -test-
play hi-fi  Kimi ga Ita kara ~eternal way~ Preview
play hi-fi  Stay With Me
play hi-fi  Lost Butterfly Preview
play hi-fi  Rakuen Preview
Er, I can't sing really well although I sing like, EVERY day. So yeah, I listen to a lot of music, and basically I LIVE on music. And you can't call this a band since it's just me. =)
Why this name?
Lol. Kiwi was actually a character from stories that I tell my sister at night. She's clueless, cute, and cheerful. I know, I'm the exact opposite -_-;;. And contrary to YIN's name's not actually KWii, like the Nintendo game system.

And the "chu" part...

Well, the most obvious reason is that Kiwi was already taken. The second reason is that my first nickname that was widely used was "Chu" or "Chuchu." ^^
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Free music...?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
That'll be so incredible...and just as impossible. D=

I'll be happy with just a minor label since singing wouldn't be my career ^^;.
Your influences?
I felt that I should fill out this section completely as a thanks to my favorite artists. The first artists who inspired me to sing Japanese songs were from the Studio Ghibli Productions (as in songs written by Hisaishi Joe) and from the Pocket Monsters Best Collection CD so my style is very influenced by those individuals.

Then I started actually singing when I heard Utada's Simple and Clean (I learned the Japanese version first though). Other artists who influenced me majorly are Changin' My Life, Dream, and Minagawa Junko. Artists who influenced me as of lately are Tainaka Sachi, Koda Kumi, Ayaka, BoA, Tank, S.H.E, and various artists from the anime Naruto.

I should thank xoxoNano [formerly known as roguerouge, apology in advance for mentioning this name] for inspiring me to record. She's probably the only reason why I'm here typing this today. I thank you truly with all my heart.

I would also like to thank Himeka and Fantasiimaker. You inspire me.
Favorite spot?
I'd like to live in Japan someday. Or go back to China TT_TT.

Omg I'd love to visit Venice, Italy and Barcelona, Spain someday. They're always inspired by either books or shows. XDDD;;
Equipment used:
Blue Snowball
Audacity [to record]
Logitech Headphones
Adobe Audition 1.5 [to edit] --->Given to me by YIN! I love you! =DDD
Adobe Audition 2 --->Given by Mike. I'm very grateful =))).
Anything else...?
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