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F.o.N.'s high energy, fast-paced, "pop punk" music makes it a band to see live. The band has done quite a lot, considering they've only been together for two years: like play at Woodstock '99, play at Warped Tour San Diego, and appear on two major compilation projects. F.o.N.'s first CD, "Hooked on Fonix", was recorded when the band's drummer was only 9 years old. Last summer, at 11 years old, he became the youngest person to ever play on a Woodstock stage.
Why this name?
We use to be known as "Freak of Nature" but Rhino Records asked us to change it for a compilation project we did, because that name is trademarked.
Do you play live?
We are all about playing live. It's what we do best. So far, Woodstock '99 was the gig of gigs.
If you make it big..?
We will be stoked because that's exactly what we set out to do two years ago. We are working super hard to get there and will probably have to work 10 times as hard to stay there. The first thing we'd like to do is have Rick O'Casek produce our next album.
Band History:
Founded in September of 1997 by high school seniors Aaron Rubin and Yigal Adato, F.o.N. was formed with a shared passion for music and love of performance. The group featured Aaron on guitar with Yigal fronting the band, as well as Adam Harmstead laying down a deep bass groove and Alvin Exevea filling out the sound with his own unique keyboard stylings. Rounding out the ensemble was Aaron's younger brother Ilan on drums, who provided a stunningly impressive foundation to the group - at the tender age of nine!

Just four short months after it's creation, F.o.N. self-produced their own demo CD entitled "Freak of Nature," featuring 7 original songs as well as a cover of Alphaville's "Forever Young." The CD did very well locally and the band quickly earned a reputable following in the San Diego area. Although just a demo, "Freak of Nature" got plenty of airplay on San Diego's premier Alternative stations 91x and "The Flash" 92.5. Somehow the demo found its way to the Promotions Department at Rhino records and F.o.N. was invited to take part in an '80's teen movie soundtrack tribute album. "In Their Eyes: '90s Teen Bands vs. '80s Teen Movies, which was released in October of 1998. F.o.N.'s contribution to the project was a cover of the Cars' hit "You Might Think", which has become a favorite at F.o.N. shows. Even the Ben Lee camp praised F.o.N.'s work as being its favorite on the compilation, to which Ben also contributed.

Because of some harmonies and double guitar leads that were written for "You Might Think", F.o.N. brought Josh Dodson and Chris McGraw, friends from high school, to track those parts in the studio. They've been tracking ever since. And because Adam decided to pursue other interest at the U.C. Santa Barbara, F.o.N. recruited yet another friend from high school to replace him on bass; Bryan Michel. The final lineup was completed just recently, after bassist Bryan decided to pursue other interests, and the third Rubin brother, Danny, was brought in to play bass.

With a completed lineup of seven unique musicians, F.o.N. feels that the chemistry and balance is just right. Each member of the band has his own personal style, but when joined together F.o.N. unleashes an energy-infused set of music that is nothing short of exhilarating. And with an average band member age of 17 and a half, it's nothing short of unparalleled. Their youth, especially that of their now eleven-year-old "Bonham" prodigy drummer, isn't a setback however. To the contrary, it has been a large topic of discussion and has created quite a stir in reviews. The group was featured in San Diego's premier pop culture newspaper, the "Reader," and was the subject of a "Wireless Newflash," which resulted in live interviews on rock stations around the country and Canada. Even "ManCow" got wind of Ilan's talents and invited him to do an interview, but Aaron, being the die-hard Howard Stern fan that he is, refused to let Ilan go on that nationally syndicated radio show. He is still hoping to make it to Howard's show.

F.o.N.'s music is upbeat and refreshingly original. The band pulls from influences of many different genres of music, and delivers a unique blend of punk, ska, rock, reggae and funk. Incorporating these different musical styles into their compositions has enabled F.o.N. to establish a diverse fan base that includes admirers of all ages. The group has been steadily performing in punk genre venues throughout San Diego and has become an active participant on Internet music sites such as, where the band dominates the Alternative Music Charts.

The Summer of ’99 has been all F.o.N.’s, with performances at Van’s Warped Tour and Woodstock '99.

F.o.N. Time Line

09/97 - F.o.N. forms
11/97 - Demo "Freak of Nature" is recorded
01/98 - The band receives a call from Rhino Records for "In Their Eyes" compilation
02/98 - "Freak of Nature" debuts on "The Flash 92.5" and Josh and Chris join the band
03/98 - "You Might Think" is recorded at HeatherCourt studios, L.A.
04/98 - F.o.N. performs on the Roger Hedgecock show in the Belly Up Tavern after the "Reader" story is published. Ilan does live interviews for radio stations across the country and is the subject of an NBC news feature

05/98 - F.o.N. performs for the first time at Soma and brings in 117 fans to the "Side Stage", which earns the band a slot on the "Main Stage"
06/98 - The band returns to L.A. for the final "You Might Think" mix down with Tommy Henriksen (Capitol Records and "Blast From the Past Soundtrack). The Official F.o.N. Website is launched
07/98 - F.o.N. headlines a show at Soma after "The Amazing Royal Crowns" cancel. The band was originally asked to open the show
08/98 - F.o.N. opens with Pivit for the Voodoo Glow Skulls
09/98 - F.o.N. goes into the studio to begin recording their independently released debut album "Hooked on Fonix"
10/98 - "In Their Eyes" is released and "You Might Think" gets national radio air play
11/98 - Original bassist Adam leaves, and Bryan joins the band
12/98 - F.o.N. is hired by Rhino Records to cover and record an American staple cartoon theme song. (Because of confidentiality clauses, additional information will not be disclosed until late August 1999.) F.o.N. will appear on a major compilation project with major Warner/Electra/Atlantic artists
01/99 - Following a preview of "Hooked on Fonix" on 91x's "Loudspeaker" in late December, the band throws a major release party at Soma to debut the album
02/99 - F.o.N. concentrates on live performances throughout Southern California to promote "Hooked on Fonix"
05/99 - Bill Silva Presents invites F.o.N. to play at Van's Warped Tour in San Diego
06/99 - F.o.N. is invited to play the "Emerging Artist Stage" at Woodstock '99
07/99 - F.o.N. plays Woodstock ’99 and is greeted by Syracuse’s ABC’s T.V. affiliate at the airport and by KGTV, San Diego’s ABC affiliate upon returning home.
08/99 - F.o.N. appears on 9.5 million Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles cereal boxes as a part of a promotion involving Brandy, Cleopatra and other top artists.
09/99 - Ilan, F.o.N.’s 11 year old drummer, is featured in the “On the Move” section in nationally syndicated "Modern Drummer" magazine.
10/99 - The band heads back to the studio to record demos of brand-new original songs which are currently available exclusively on this limited edition press release CD.
Your influences?
Unwritten Law, Blink 182, Bad Relegion, NOFX are all bands we like.
Favorite spot?
On stage.
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