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Gucci Type - Krispy (DJKronicBeats x CashMoneyAp)
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play hi-fi  Tell Me
play hi-fi  Get Ya Isha
play hi-fi  Hood Sh!t
play hi-fi  Shoot Da
play hi-fi  Deodorant
play hi-fi  02 - Intro
play hi-fi  03 - Reloaded & Uncensored
play hi-fi  04 - Thats Whats Up (Reloaded) feat. Mac Gutta
play hi-fi  05 - Gun Language feat. Mac Gutta
play hi-fi  06 - Born In Da Dirty Dirty feat. G.M.B
L.P. Productions has been around since 1997. I have produced over 10 albums and produced many, many rappers. The artists under L.P. Productions are Yung-C and Yung Pachino(R.I.P). We have a couple of upcoming projects coming soon...Yung-C: "It's My Time" with the HOT singles "Runnin' Man" feat. T-Mack and Mac E and "Just 4 You" which will be out REAL SOON! Next I'm going to release The compilation album that will rock the M for real! "United We Stand" featuring All of the upcoming Memphis Rappers along with a couple of surprises! It's going to be all luv mayn no hatin and I might just make that jaunt a 2-Disc Album! So be on the look out for them jaunts. They should be out this summer or fall fa sho. I've also done tracks for D-Cinn's new mixtape The Promotion 2, CME's New Mixtape and Album, and more. I have tracks for sale starting at $150-up, I cut deals and accept PAYPAL Payments so holla at me. Aw yea I wanna say wats up to all the L.P. Production affiliates my n*** D-Cinn his mixtape out Da Promotion 2get dat shyt A.S.A.P, CME, MAC E, SHUNN GUNN, T-Mack, M-Town, Lil One,A-Dub,L.J., and Mid-South Entertainment!! I appreciate all of the Luv and Support everybody has been showing us and we are going to keep droppin these fye ass hits fa yall!! L.P. Productions the label ya'll mutha f***az scared of takin ova!!!!! SPITYOGAME.COM
Why this name?
My Street Name... I just shortened it and you know the rest!
Do you play live?
Yea we performed in all the major clubs in memphis,tn! we love to do it but our most special moment was the last show we did at the premier when we performed "All My G's" it had the club rockin!! everybody jumped on stage and was gettin to crunk!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it spreads the artist(s) music all over the nation and world. which means it could be heard all over with out all the traveling!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
if the offer was good enough hell yea !
Your influences?
DJ Paul and Juicy J and the whole HCP!, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg,U.G.K.,Kanye West,Teddy P,Marvin Gaye,Ohio Players,Metallica,Bone Thug
Favorite spot?
i have to say memphis tn
Equipment used:
fl studio 7xxl
Anything else...?
hit up my myspace page http://www.myspace.com/lpproductions07!!
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