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Classical Guitarist John Erbentraut
Nights in Berlin
New School
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John is a serious guitarist whose repertoire reaches far into the expert range of playing. His album [Clamenco Fire] is a collection of original and well-known pieces from the classical repertoire. All of the pieces on this album are original arrangements. This album is a wonderful collection of pieces that well defines John as a competent composer and a well-rounded guitarist whose skills reach far into the classical, flamenco, and jazz genres of playing. The masters Segovia and Montoya have influenced John’s playing.

Band History:
John began study on the guitar at the age of fourteen and has pursued excellence on the instrument for over thirty-five years. He has performed for numerous audiences over the years, always being received with warm reviews. John has pursued excellence in his playing throughout the years with hours of daily practice and study in the classical guitar genre. John is presently teaching guitar in his hometown of Springfield, Ma. He has also played other styles such as gospel, jazz, and folk. To buy the album… The album Clamenco Fire is available for sale via Compact Disc ($12.95 + S&H) and MP3 download ($9.99) - (coming soon). We currently accept paypal for payment of record sales. If interested in reselling the album Contact John. If you are interested in hearing samples of all of the pieces on the [CLAMENCO FIRE ALBUM] or to learn more about John and his unique style of playing, log on to www.clamenco.com or simply click the homepage button at the top of this page. It will take you there. Thanks! PS. Don’t forget to check out [get-saved.com]

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