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The music of Polarity/1 is exactly what the name suggests: conjoined opposites - a mash-up of new: cutting edge electronica/hip hop/nu-jazz and old: roots music of America (blues, funk, country, early jazz), Brazil (samba, pagode, etc.) and West African groove science. "Polar succeeds in his mission of forcing you to pay attention and not lull into the sounds you 'expect' to hear," noted StarPolish.com

After a few years of playing percussion in samba bands at S.O.B.'s and other venues, Polar landed in hip hop which combined his interests in grooves, samples and wordplay into one form. He and rapper D.A.V. became Medicine Crew. In the aftermath of 9/11 Polar was asked to do a remix for Nile Rodgers' We Are Family Project released on a compilation by Tommy Boy Records.

His experience of 9/11 which was perpetrated in his neighborhood led to a collaboration with multi-platinum Pakistan rock band Junoon resulting in their hit song 'No More'. Polarity/1's CD, 'Speechless', which was nominated Best Electronica Album by Just Plain Folks, included four instrumentals choreographed by New York's Battery Dance Company in November 2006. He's scored four feature-length documentaries directed by Danny Schechter, including composing and performing the theme songs.

Currently, Polarity/1 is best known for political songs which are a regular feature of Amy Goodman's globally syndicated Democracy Now, NPR and many other politics-oriented broadcasts.

Website: www.polarity1.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/polarity1music | www.myspace.com/polarity1songs
Broadjam: www.broadjam.com/polarity1
Sonicbids: www.sonicbids.com/polarity1
LiveJournal: polarity1.livejournal.com

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Retail: Amie St. | CD Baby | emusic | iTunes | Rhapsody

Retail: Amie St. | CD Baby | iTunes

Retail: iTunes

POLARITY/1 is From the Mind of POLAR LEVINE. Which is Just About As Fevered As The Brain of RadioMike But This Runs The Gamut Of Politics in All of Its Forms Among Other Things and This Runs Into Every Genre. Here Is Something For Everyone To Listen To. - Radio Mike

Review of CD Speechless: "Polar succeeds in his mission of forcing you to pay attention and not lull into the sounds you 'expect' to hear." - StarPolish.com

Review of CD Speechless: "Polarity/1's Speechless immediately strikes you as a lost soundtrack to some latenight & long forgotten acid trip. Highly recommended." - TheRecordIndustry.com

Review of Song "Di Hard": "We'd like to hold this track up as an example of several successful techniques: Vocal treatment, drum programming, track building, using eq as a dynamic tool - do we have all day?" - Review of CD Yankin' The Food Chain, Recording Magazine

Review of CD Yankin' The Food Chain: "Polarity/1 is a musical force unleashing some of the hippest beats and timely lyric on the scene." - Review of CD Yankin' The Food Chain, MediaChannel.org

Review of CD Yankin' The Food Chain: "Chuck U. here. A friend of mine dropped by my show with a copy of the News Goo CD that he got at the Media and Democracy conference. It's way wicked cool, and I played 4 tracks of it on the air in the course of my 2 hour show. I would love to put it into heavy rotation in the course of the up-coming Friday nights. The name of my show is No Censorship Radio. - Chuck U., WMBR Boston"

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