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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  SETI [it's relative]
play hi-fi  Lounge Katt
play hi-fi  A Short Walk From Here
play hi-fi  Organ Grind3r
play hi-fi  Redwood Dream
play hi-fi  Asleep in the Surf
play hi-fi  You heard it [here]
play hi-fi  Yesterday's Conversations
play hi-fi  I'll Fly Home [someday]
play hi-fi  Fruit & Honey, or Freedom
I just built my first "dream-DAW...I use my tunes to help create my animation [short] filmage/vid's. I love to write music and pc-draw animation...the two are like salty and sweet snacks.....tasty. My friends front big city bands, write screen plays, save the environment, save lives, and then there's me....I make funny noises come out of my computer : )
Why this name?
Just my name for now...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Before I could take a breath
Favorite spot?
I live in NY.....where isnt' it cool to play???
Equipment used:
Sonar X1c/Rapture/P5/DimPro/Keys+Guitars+mikes+mixer=soundscapes.....Animation software+DrawPad=Pretty pictures that move.....ugh
Anything else...?
I live in my own NY country world.....but sometimes my "stuff" leaks out into the net....poor sobs that view it
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