T.J. Fuller
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play hi-fi  YRGM clip w IR SS echo chamber impulse
play hi-fi  RWTD just right track plate reverb limiting
play hi-fi  RWTD ISO left dry - right wet
play hi-fi  SGMD add analog tape and chorus
play hi-fi  SGMD w reverb limited up
play hi-fi  Copy Studio referrence track echo chamber
play hi-fi  new edit 1(189)
play hi-fi  Dave and TJ cover Motley Crue
play hi-fi  Young and Wild A B Test
play hi-fi  Falling Down Stairs
Your influences?

Van Halen, Queen, Zepplin, AC/DC,Ratt ...etc.
Favorite spot?
Columbus Cincinnati Cleveland Nashville
Equipment used:
Homemade Guitars, Marshalls, Gallien-Krueger,Lee Jackson Ampegs, Laney Amps and Cabinets
new built camo guitar
Black flame Kramer
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