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the quiet black cat
Kevin Short
What Do You Believe In?
EDM Instrumental
A positive upbeat instrumental song that makes you wanna dance, enjoy. :) From the album " The Greatest Hits of Kevin Short ", available here on Soundclick, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer & many more.
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play hi-fi  bring it in and sit down
play hi-fi  drugs, life, mums and a mess
play hi-fi  paol frigatt
play hi-fi  theres no glory when youre slave dies
play hi-fi  she didnt know what she wanted
play hi-fi  yellow door
play hi-fi  hole in the sky
play hi-fi  the day i knew it was over
decided on when i had a quiet black cat.
all songs recorded at manchesters `the cutting rooms` in 2001.
see www.soundclick/jungchoi for more recent stuff
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