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play hi-fi  Papierkrieg (Sense Mix II)
play hi-fi  Hi, Ich bins!(Soundclick Exclusive)
play hi-fi  Freestyle - Top5
play hi-fi  Faber&Philly - Rap is immernoch Sucht 2007
play hi-fi  Nie wieder Noobboard
play hi-fi  Faber - Anthem 07
play hi-fi  Faber - Kritiker
play hi-fi  Faber - Er so Ich So (Remake)
play hi-fi  Shortcutz
play hi-fi  Blauer Dunst
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Why this name?
during school in a very boring hour I did some Artwork with this Name and it remained
Do you play live?
played live one time in a cinema..it was great...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I guess.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:

May 2005 - First few Tracks (Lines für die Liga/Shit onboard-EP)
January 2006 - Mittel&Wege 12 Tracks LP
October 2006 - Freetypin Years Pre-EP
January 2007 - Freetypin Years 21 Tracks LP
May-July 07 - A few new Tracks
Mid 08 - "Egoperspektive" LP (on hold)
Mid 10 - "Sub Cutem" LP (on hold)
so far ....
Favorite spot?
Berlin, Giessen, Havanna, Hamburg. ;)
Equipment used:
mostly talent ...
Anything else...?
You can also get news on www.myspace.com/Faberizm
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