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NEWS   August 5, 2017 New tune. Dysfunction Junction Demo #1
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play hi-fi  Dysfunction Junction Demo #1
play hi-fi  Purple Mescaline (HP Collab)
play hi-fi  Beach Crack
play hi-fi  Rock & Roll Eggnog
play hi-fi  Dont Think, Just Rock!
play hi-fi  Pierce The Sky
play hi-fi  Hypnotized
play hi-fi  Twilight Stroll
play hi-fi  Ass Kisser
play hi-fi  Headlock (Remaster)
This is more about the journey than the destination. As home recording hobbyists, this is all about having a good time, sharing some laughs, and keeping this thing positive, not necessarily about the music that is currently posted. We've always made it a point to keep this project stress free and upbeat, this is fun time, and the recordings tend to reflect that. Glad you had a chance to drop by, kick back and have a listen, if there's anything you really like the downloads are free, thanks, enjoy!
Equipment used:
1987 Fender Telecaster (stock), Fender Jazz Bass (Mark Hoppus Model (MIM), with the Duncan Quarter Pound pick-ups reversed), Taylor 310 CE Acoustic (stock), Squire Jagmaster (stock), 1982 Rickenbacker 3001 Bass, Modified Squire Strats, An 80's Washburn Bass, Low end Yamaha Digital Keyboards, Ludwig Drum Kit, Zildjian ZBT Cymbals, Boss BR 1200 and BR 864 digital recorders, Shure SM-57 & 58 Mics, Marshall Amps, and a bunch of other junk.
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