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The Heart Beat Files
Stone Church Blues
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Song By Les Hunt And Eric Elie
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Hip Hop
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Canada,Victoria.B.C. A small group of every day people with an inner desire to create a healthy personal world for them self,s and others Through creative expression and connection

This Collection of song is a group effort of our best foot forward mostly on this cd most songs composed by Dom Graham or Lw Hunt , with help on some songs from Eric Elie lead singer of Billys Break Down and some online work done by in the UK ,, Amazing what can be done on line now a days- Good Quality reasonable price (The Heart Beat Files)
Why this name?
It seemed to of picked Us . started with a picture a friend took kind of looked like an x files kind of thing, which started a chain reaction of ideas The V Files, The U Files ,The Y Files, The Z Files The Heart Files The Beat Files "The Beat your heart files",but the heart beat kept coming back as songs came to life it really seem to fit, the style nature of lyrics, and topics and really song writers is not what songs are little files from the heart , some in code we don,t understand but reconize it as a song,,( either it be the music or the lyrics , when you get what your looking for you feel the heart beat------you really Really really do and when you hear right song right moment
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
you don,t have to be rich or lucky to play in the park,for now the park is bigger and there are so many of them.... room for lots of players
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Voting for these guys love Song :Can,t relate

Can,t relate to that Question
Band History:
,,Really-Just A small group of every day people with an inner desire to create a healthy personal world for them self,s and others Through creative expression and connection
Your influences?
Bob Dylan, Lenord Cohen ,, Warren Zevon , Tom Waites ,, Jackson Browne ,, Pink Floyd ,, U2 , Supertramp,, Rush,, Nick Cave , Neil Young ,John Prime ,Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton,valdy ,, fleetwood mac,,moody blues, Bob Segar ,,Stomping Tom Conners,,james Taylor,,Joni Mitchel,, Beatles the Doors and native drumming music that mixes nature sounds and music
Favorite spot?
Right here Right now VICTORIA BC CANADA
Equipment used:
some big things and some little things stuff that catches sound , puts it in little chips(NOT POTATO CHIPS) then the chips get put into beamer gagets Which get beamed (NOT AT PEOPLE) It gets zapped into the Connected world where the people are--ya thats the kind of sh*** we use Catchers, beamers & zappers And a really Good Micro---Phone
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