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In Somnis
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play hi-fi  A Memory You Become
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play hi-fi  A Godess Reborn
play hi-fi  My Siren
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play hi-fi  Like Death,... Forever
In Somnis plays doom metal with extensive use of piano and flute. The combination of death-doom riffs, whirling flute melodies and classic keyboards ends up in a varied sound. A clear contrast with keyboards, flute and clean vocals is formed by distorted guitars, bass and deep grunts. Harmonic and chromatic writings join together and some parts get an Middle East touch with writings in the key of fifths. From time to time the music evokes an imaginery of a group of travelling musicians in the Middle Ages. Close your eyes and dream.

more info and contact on http://www.in-somnis.tk/
Do you play live?
next live performance: 30th of October 2005 at The Frontline, Gent, Belgium.