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Buck Owens
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Buck Owens was the founder of the world famous "BAKERSFIELD SOUND" Buck and I go back many years, and recently Kenni Huskey recorded a tribute album of some of Bucks music for my lable RECALL RECORDS. Here is the first song from that album, and Buck's last release. You will love this, it is Buck and his legendary red, white and blue... The title of the song is "Within My Loving Arms".
Band History:
Buck Owens formed the world renoun band "The Buckaroos" and they recorded some of the best music to ever hit the country music scene, called the "Bakersfield Sound".
Favorite spot?
Buck came from Shermin, Texas, but his favorite place was his Crystal Palace in Bakersfield California.
Equipment used:
On this song, Buck uses his red, white and blue acoustic, and a recorder in his home.
Anything else...?
Buck recorded this to show Kenni Huskey how the song goes.
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