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The Kronik Demon
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Drunken Freestyle - Toxik Emissionz
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09/13/09 @ 09:10 PM     post a comment
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Drunken freestyle from Toxik Emissionz over some sh** ty ass beat-boxin by The Kronik Demon. Know 'bout it.
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What up everybody? This is The Kronik Demon! If you came to check out my shit, or if you just accidentaly stumbled on to my page, then pull up a chair and take a hit of the blunt. If you dont like it, get the f*** on! Thats it.
Why this name?
Well, when I was younger I got the nick name Kronik from burnin a lot of green. That was also around the same time I started makin music and I eventually added the "Demon", mainly to represent the deep voice I usually rap with.
Do you play live?
Unfortunately I havent had the opportunity to do so but would very much like to.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
greatly. With the downloading of free mp3s there will be very signifigant changes in the way the music industry is run. From signed, mainstream artists that bi*** about their sh*** being "pirated", to the underground and/or online artists like DZK (check him out on here or at his site, that often or always give their music away for free online willingly.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the contract offered was reasonable then of course i'd consider it. I'd much rather be part of an underground label or start my own.
Band History:
Well, ive been writin poetry since '96, songs since '00, recordin and producin since '06 and i've been a juggalo since '98. Back in the day me and my friends used to spit psychopathic tracks. After we got so used to flowin we started freestylin, and it only seemed natural to start writin my own shit. After a while I started spittin my rhymes for my friends, and found that I was actually gettin good feedback and soon they decided to start writin as well. Then one of my closest boys, Alex Kruger, was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver on new years eve '05 (AK-47 R.I.P. '86-'05). 2 of my other closest friends (Dekai n Xenocide) and I were absolutely crushed. I immediately wrote the hook for a track in his memory. I called up Dekai and we went straight up to Xenocide's house, where he had jus installed Cool Edit Pro 2 and bought a cheap ass mic. That day we recorded our first track... AK-47 R.I.P.! We started a crew named the OJC (Okanagan Juggalo Crew) and ever since then we've been recordin together on n off. Always tryin to raise the bar and improve. Then later we changed the O in OJC to Outterworld. I left the group for a while because of a disagreement with Dekai and Xenocide but that has been fixed and we currently still do songs together under the OJC name while still remaining solo artists.
Your influences?
Anything from any artist on Psychopathic Records... Know bout it! DZK! After I heard some of his sh*** I just couldn't get enough, like I was addicted or somethin. His music definently influenced me to move towards the style of intelligent syllable rap. Pretty much everybody else DZK raps wit is amazing as well. Such as F.a.T, K-Nice, Warbux, Gravity, Hard Target and others are all definently worth checkin out.
They all have either myspace or soundclick pages or both.
Im also jus really into any type of music.
Punk, Metal, Classic rock, Raggae, Techno, Blues,
n even sum Classical n Country.
Anything wit a beat. Its all music n i love it!
Favorite spot?
At home in the Okanagan area of B.C.
Equipment used:
at the moment nothin but a cheap-ass Daiwa lm-565 mic.
Anything else...?
Know bout it!
Taggin shit up
Mmmm booze
Royal Reserve
Blue rasberry vodka martinis
Walkin in the woods
My love and I
Just chillin
Follow me... I wont bite
Enjoyin the view
Fun wit spray paint
What time is it?
Bombin time
Out walkin