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play hi-fi  Boss Fight (Demo)
play hi-fi  Subtletouille
play hi-fi  Idea 17 (Big Intro)
play hi-fi  Idea 16 (Heavie Indie)
play hi-fi  Idea 15 (Modern Punk)
play hi-fi  Driving Song (Mk2)
play hi-fi  Idea 13 09 (Get In)
play hi-fi  Idea 12 09 (Old Piano Idea)
play hi-fi  Idea 10 09 (Indie Fire Rock)
play hi-fi  Idea 9 09 (Fuzz Rock)
These are little song ideas that I occasionally flesh out. I doubt that they'd be made into more than they currently are, as I've focused on them as mere ideas as opposed to potential full songs, but I still like them. Each part of each song is usually recorded in one take, and that I feel represents my general attitude towards the composition of these song ideas.
Why this name?
Well, it's a large percentage of my name. I suppose that these ideas represent a large part of what I feel and express creatively, so...actually, no. It's just my name.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think that it's great that the internet, especially with the mp3 as an easily transferred and listenable audio file, allows music to be shared from any willing and able person to another. I believe that it provides great potential for changing the way in which music is consumed by the standard layperson. I don't know what form that change will take in the upcoming years, but it definitely puts a greater amount of power in the hands of the consumer. Also, of course with the expanding potential for people to put their music out there there is the proportionate potential for websites to be encumbered with stuff that is crap, but the very fact that this potential exists is something very beneficial for our consumer "e-market", I guess.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell no. I'm doing this as an outlet for my base creative passion, and I am perfectly happy doing what I can - and like - by myself without anybody else's professional influence.
Favorite spot?
I live in and love Melbourne, Australia
Equipment used:
Guitars: Squier Telecaster Custom; Fender Partscaster Tele
Keyboard: CME U-Key
Amp: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Software: Logic Express 9 w/Addictive Drums & EZ Drummer
Computer: 2009 iMac
2006 Ideas Pic
2009 Ideas Pic
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