Breck Stewart
So Free It Hurts
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Single #7 of #MisterE album by Breck Stewart, music and mastering by 604-ToKay (Hans Kremer). Directed and edited by Breck Stewart, produced by MoonDaze Productions.
DJ Shaw-t
#ripAvicii (Avicii Type EDM / Pop Beat!)
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Breck Stewart is an actor and singer who also works behind the scenes as cameraman, editor, director and producer on many projects over 2 decades. He created a company named MoonDaze Productions and released his first solo album as a singer called Utopia. It was first released online in MP3 form in December 2007 and 2 years later as a physical 2-Disc Ultimate Edition CD package with exclusive songs and extended remixes.

A second album Mister E was released on October 1st, 2010. The term Mister E is a reference to the drug MDMA commonly known as Ecstasy which is very popular in clubs. It's also a word play on the word mystery. All the songs on Mister E are about the danger of Ecstasy and how it can have a devastating effect on the human brain. The sound is described as Electronic Dance Music with a Pop Edge. Breck is also the host of a show called MoonDaze TV featuring various subjects.
Why this name?
Breck Stewart is a name I have been using for a very long time in a professional capacity so it became the name I now use officially. Frenzia was my attempt at creating a duo because I still feel like I can't do it alone but the other member left to pursue other things and I admit, it's hard to replace him. So becoming a solo act made sense and was the only way possible for me to release an album.
Do you play live?
I do play live but in sporadic and specific events a few times a year. I plan to tour very soon though but with a few shows and starting at the bottom. But if I play a show, I want to be part of an ensemble of artists, at least 2-3 other acts. This way it's a lot more interesting to the audience with a wide variety of groups and performers. Music has to be shared through styles and a respect for its history. After all, it elevates the human spirit and bounds us all.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It changed it forever and irrevocably. And now that the labels are losing their previous grip on the market, every artist out there can bypass the big labels and simply release their own material independently. And even though most bands will never become insanely big because of the crushing competition, they can still find their niche market. And the music fans are now able to really satisfy their own particular tastes that can be very precise and hard to find stuff. So the top 40 pop structure doesn't appeal to them and this causes a huge shift in the music market because labels are all about the big monster act, a relic from the 80s where their monopoly on music made insane profits possible. I am very grateful to MP3 technology because it's a very simple, efficient not to mention practical way to share, distribute and give away sound files. It certainly made my own journey possible into trying to distribute my music in this new digital world.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, never even though at some point I might have wanted it such a long time ago it seems. But now that I know what is involved in terms of extremely low royalties to the artist and the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) suing every customer in sight, I wouldn't do it. I am doing things my way, on a very small but satisfying scale. We are at the start of a new world litterally and sadly, the big corporations have become the enemy to the people as individuals.
Band History:
Breck Stewart started his foray into music in 2004 by creating a duo, Frenzia which broke up in 2006 when the other member left the formation. He tried to find another partner but it didn't happen so he became a solo artist instead. He released his first album called Utopia in December 2007 with many singles and videos now available. His managing team includes, Mario Beauchesne, Gabe Wellington and Calvin Washington at MoonDaze Productions.
Your influences?
There are too many to count but 3 always remain at the top of my list. They all started their huge careers in the 80s where music was truly at its peak in terms of revenues for the music industry with an infectious "joie de vivre" sort of happy and most deliciously, campy quality. The Pet Shop boys with their techno pop so ingeniously crafted that they litterally embody music for me. Erasure, a sort of combination of pure pop and alternative as dubbed by the americian market at their start had an indelible impact on me as well in my early teens. And Depeche Mode with their ever evolving musical genius with Martin Gore as the perfect songwriter and Dave Gahan as probably the biggest influence on me vocally is part of my own personal history where I discovered their art early in my life. Of course I have tons of other influences in diverse styles from Astral Projection to Enigma and Delerium not to mention Orbital. And on top of that, all the 80s pop stuff, either original or remixed, I'm an 80s sort of guy.
Favorite spot?
My own, San Francisco which I consider to be the most beautiful city in the world. I moved here many years ago from Canada where I was born and never regretted it. The weather is perfect with cool nights and warm days. I fell in love with the city in early 2000 and never looked back.
Equipment used:
Computers, computers and more computers. For this album, there are no natural sounds except my own voice often digitally altered so it's all about doing technical editing with sound files. But for my next album, I want to use my "raw" vocals as much as possible in a sort of attempt to explore something different. It's all about doing our own thing and letting the creative flow rise and may God rest my soul, I am trying very hard to still learn every single day of my life.
Anything else...?
Peace on earth, for everyone. Let's all unite.
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