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*No Bad Days* Travis Scott x Killy Type Beat
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A veteran of the underground J BIZ R has just released his 9th annual
Halloween album, MY DARK PAZZENGER, soon to be available on ITunes,
CD Baby and Pandora. Originally breaking in on the live music scene of
Austin, TX in 2005, J Biz R has PERFORMED and opened for many of the
underground’s biggest names in the hiphop/rap genre at venues across
the country.
Currently based out of Columbus, Ohio. Biz's high energy, live
PERFORMANCES and extremely lyrical flows have earned him respect
with many of the scenes top ARTISTS. His diverse rap styles and strong
work ethic has helped contribute to over a dozen solo releases, mixtapes
and multiple group projects. Releasing all of his music through his own
independent record label, DENTED MINDZ PRODUCTIONS, added with his
passion and dedication to his music, he is independently achieving his goal
of becoming an underground legend.
Want to know more? Biz R's music is on most online music RETAILERS and
outlets (i.e. Itunes, CD Baby, Datpiff, Facebook, SOUND cloud, Sound click, etc.)
Main Websites:

J Biz R has been an active underground rap artist since 2004. Currently based out of Columbus, Ohio. J Biz R got his start in the underground hip hop scene of Austin, Texas. He is known for his diverse rap style and for releasing multiple albums each year including mixtapes and collaborations. J Biz R also is the only rapper known for consistently releasing an annual Halloween album. Starting in 2006 with his album entitled "A Dark Night In Hell" and following with "The Terror Tapez Vol. 1" in 2007, "11:34" in 2008, HAZMAT The Hazardous Materials" in 2009, "The Terror Tapez Vol. 2" in 2010 and "So Wicked" in 2011. Halloween 2012 marks the release of his 7th annual release entitled "Relapz Of A Killa".
Having done shows all around the United States. J Biz R has opened for and performed shows with many national touring acts including: Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, AMB, Prozak, King Gordy, Twista, DMX, Hopsin & SwizZz, Big B, Potluck, DGAF, Kungfu Vampire, Mastamind, Liquid Assassin, Mo Thugz, Killa Priest of Wu-Tang, Insane Poetry, Mars, Scum, Project Born, Claas, Dirty Wormz, Jason Porter, Mary Magdelin and the list goes on...

In 2010 J Biz R helped launch the underground artist alliance T.U.S.S.-(Texas/Tru Underground Super Soldiers). T.U.S.S. is an alliance of fans and musicians from many different kinds of genres and backgrounds all coming together to show support for each other. T.U.S.S. released their first mixtape in 2012 entitled " The Tussin Tapes". Look for more installments to be following this. To check out the latest lineup of Tuss Artists visit

Periodically J Biz R also hosts and runs his very own online podcast show called "The Born Biz R Podcast Show". Playing tracks out of the Dented Mindz Productions archives, as well as features guest appearances and music from many other underground artists. To listen to past episodes of the Born Biz R Podcast just go to Look for a 3rd Season of the BORN BIZ R PODCAST to be returning soon.

In early 2011 J Biz R helped launched the online video show "TUSS TV" with another Austin, Tx. hip hop artist ARay (of Black Lighter Ent.) Episodes consisted of them taking their cameras to various events and Live shows all across Texas. Getting the behind the scenes footage and Live performances of many of today's biggest underground rap stars. You can view all the TUSS TV Episodes as well as J Biz R Music Video's at:

Apart from from J Biz R's scheduled 2012 Halloween release "Relapz Of A Killa". J Biz R has recently dropped his newest mixtape entitled "The Born Biz R Mixxtape Vol. 2" for his birthday on June 26th. This new mixtape contains 22 tracks and features over a dozen other underground artists from city's all across the United States. Copy's of this mixtape as well as most of J Biz R's back catalog albums are always available at any of his live shows. Check the Upcoming Shows section of his Reverbnation Music Page for details on upcoming show dates. Go to

You can always stay up on the latest projects and promotions from J Biz R and Dented Mindz Productions by linking up with him on Facebook. Just go to and ADD FRIEND!!!

Visit the Official J Biz R Soundclick Page at to preview/download all of his past mixtapes FOR FREE!!!

From Albums, Merch and Videos, to Live Shows and Promotions.. J Biz R gives it his all in whatever business idea he's working on. With all the production skills, creativity and drive that J Biz R possesses, Its easy to see that he is a promising underground Artist in the underground music scene. -DMP (2012)
Why this name?
It was just meant to be!!!
Do you play live?
Yes, Any where I get the chance really.
I love doing this shit!! It'z what I do!!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Helps put Dented Mindz Productions all over the map!! Yayay!!!! -J Biz R
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah... whatever i do will allways be a Dented Mindz Product.... But if its a nice deal... I'll hold it down for whatever!!! -J Biz R
Band History:
Dented Mindz Productions Forever, Solo or Not!!!
Your influences?
Underground Rap.... even some mainstream but not the fruity fluffy shitt....
Favorite spot?
ATX!!!! It's nice to leave for little bits tho...
Equipment used:
Protools, Condenser mic, Reason, and Brain Power!!! Real Artist!!!!
J Biz R Live @ Spiderhouse Dec. 2010
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