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Amos - The Ancient Prophet (Marcin Czerechowicz) is Polish producer / beatmaker and former member of The Lost Children Of Babylon group.
His career started in 2005 and since then he worked with dozen of famous MC’s like: Killah Priest, Timbo King, Beretta 9, Holocaust, Solomon Childs, Canibus, Bomshot, Planetary, Chief Kamachi, Lord Lhus & many more!

Amos represent the worldwide underground hip-hop scene where is mostly known from deeply dark and gloomy, but also spiritual and mystical rhythms which are build around the esoteric, occult, conspiracy, UFO and other similar topics.

Producers that inspire him most are: Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind, DJ Man-E, RZA, DJ Muggs, 4th Disciple, Cilvaringz and Moongod Allah.


2009 | Amos The Ancient Prophet - The Collabos Vol. 1
2010 | Amos The Ancient Prophet & Sinister Stricken - Grandis Arcanum
2010 | Amos The Ancient Prophet - The Collabos Vol. 2
2011 | Amos The Ancient Prophet & Sick Since - Codex Magica
2011 | Amos The Ancient Prophet & Vega X - The Witch Hammer
2011 | Amos The Ancient Prophet & TCG - Imaginarium
2011 | Amos The Ancient Prophet - The Collabos Vol. 3
2012 | Amos The Ancient Prophet & Psycho Mind - Spiritual Matrix



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