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play hi-fi  Like The Average Stalker - Soilwork Cover
play hi-fi  The A-Team
play hi-fi  Solo - JMP-1
play hi-fi  Solo - TriAxis
play hi-fi  GSE
play hi-fi  Forever In A Day
play hi-fi  Sound of Me
play hi-fi  Son of Science - EMP
play hi-fi  Triaxis/Impulse First Attempt
play hi-fi  Suck my brains off
I suppose this'll be for testing stuff....
Why this name?
My parents did it.
Do you play live?
Yes, with my band Son of Science. Check or for dates.
Your influences?
Primarily Dream Theater, Symphony X, Planet X, Toto, Chick Corea, Meshuggah and Pain of Salvation. But there are lots of others.
Favorite spot?
Milan or Brighton
Equipment used:
Ibanez RG7620 > Pod XT Pro
DFHS > Cubase SX 2
Ibanez Prestige 6 string Bass > SansAmp
Korg Trinity & Reason 2.0
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