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play hi-fi  Chopin F. Nokturn Es-Dur op9 nr2 wariacja#202+207
play hi-fi  Pani swietej Gory - Lady of the holy Mountain
play hi-fi  Koronkowe szaty nocy-Lacy robes of the Night
play hi-fi  Blekitny dotyk nieba-Blue touch of the sky
play hi-fi  Zopomniana nuta-A forgotten musical note
play hi-fi  Chopin Fryderyk NokturnEsDur op9 #2 wariacja nr2+3
play hi-fi  Muzyczne zaklecia-Musical spells
play hi-fi  Fantazja na temat J. Brahmsa#9/Fantasy on J.Brahms
play hi-fi  Boski sen Sarasvathi-Divine dream of Sarasvathi
play hi-fi  Jasny usmiech ksiezyca -Bright Smile of the Moon
I am playing music for people who are striving for
spiritual development.The music shall help the people to clarify the soul, mind and body.This music has healing energy also . Every song has another color of energy. Many songs come from meditation and dreams.
Why this name?
my 3 old years old daughter told me that my real name is Vitiyu . I liked the name and accepted as my artistic pseudonym.
Do you play live?
I am playing live on meetings of Hare Krishna devotees and Sai Baba devotees ,also on an annual meeting of New Age/UFO people in Poland.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
yes , the good music will be available to all people who are searching for another kind of music,not only commercial one.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
already done with an indie label
Band History:
I am playing music since 1998 year.
Your influences?
my musical inspiration comes from within only. I want to create only my own music , which is original and new for another people.
Equipment used:
KORG synthetizer Triton Workstation, KORG synthetizer M3-88 Workstation , indian drums
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