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NEWS   Pat Jack performs live and records session tracks with violin, viola and cello for bands, artists, labels and producers.
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Here at Pat Jack acts as an internet and technically empowered violinist, violist, cellist and singer-songwriter. Pat Jack tracks, engineers, mixes and masters dense sub mixes of studio quality performances on real violins, violas and cellos.

Pat tracks, engineers, mixes and masters String Arrangements, (solos, cameos, duets, trios, quartets and large String Ensembles), for bands, artists, labels and their production teams. Pat Jack performs and records on all three of these primary orchestral string instruments, (violin and viola and cello, and fiddle too )!
Why this name?
I perform and record with REAL violins AND violas AND cellos. My career goal is to track, engineer, mix and master String Arrangements, (solos, cameos, duets, trios, quartets and large String Ensembles), for bands, artists, labels and their producers. I have designed and constructed small, DAW driven, efficient studios specifically for the purpose of tracking performances of violin, viola and cello. The stream of violins, violas and cellos that moves through my life will be used to record.
Do you play live?
I do perform live with bands and artists on violin, viola and cello with a pickup or various mic techniques. Playing live is the magic that keeps my heart in love with music. I love to jam with all the radio channels.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry? gives me the opportunity to demo real violin, viola and cello tracks to bands, artists, producers and labels directly. I can easily download the MP3 you offer on your website and track REAL violin AND viola AND cello while monitoring your MP3 and then re-mix and upload that track as a direct demo for you to download, the final track you receive and mix on your console. I can collaborate with bands, artists, producers and their labels, developing real violin, viola and cello tracks at a manageable SOHO cost. The internet gives me the opportunity to demo, to promo my work and what can be done with real violin, viola and cello tracks for bands, artists, producers and their labels, anywhere on this planet, with any person.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I self-release at this time. I am amenable to considerations for any musical business relationships.
Band History:
I began studying music at age 7. I began studying cello at age 9. For some years I studied violin and viola performance at the college level. I began performing live and working in studio settings in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans greater metropolitan areas with bands, artists and studios in 1991. I continue that work.

A singer-songwriter on guitar with live support from my cello is a favorite setting for me, I enjoy recording my own songs with this mix.

I'm very focused on developing new live recording techniques with new technology to capture some of the things I am doing in the studio with violin, viola and cello. I'm pretty straightforward, I want to capture the real sound of the instrument at the highest quality level. In post production anything can then be accomplished.

I have been songwriting for about 15 years. Songwriting is a vehicle to get me in the studio recording scores of tracks with real violins and violas and celli.

I built an awesome DAW Dualie five years ago and threw myself and all my instruments into it, lots of music came out. It became a submarine, drowned. And so it goes.

I participate in many online collaboration websites and recording related forums. I write a lot of mix reviews. I learn.
Your influences?
Gatemouth Brown, classical, Pink Floyd, ELO, Beatles, Orchestral. String Arrangements, solo violin, solo viola, solo cello. Trios, duets or solos with violin, viola and cello. Camper Van Beethoven, Jean Luc Ponty, Stefan Grappelli, Vassar Clemens, Wilco, Blue October, Groovelily, Beastie boys, REM, all the alternative and modern bands that use violin, viola and cello and string arrangements.
Favorite spot?
A SERP ranking of 10 or above.
Equipment used:
Computer, pretty wooden boxes with strings on them, hair from horses, digital compressors, Open Source, Google Chrome Internet Browser
Anything else...?
SEO and SERM, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Reputation Management. Plenty of money in the truth.