A Cry of Hounds
Bloody Pit of Horror
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04/06/08 @ 06:20 PM     1 comment
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a 1965 B-grade horror 'classic' set to 'A Cry of Hounds' music!!
New School
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play hi-fi  Bloody Pit of Horror
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play hi-fi  The Beast of Yucca Flats
play hi-fi  Beast From Haunted Cave
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Definitely one of the newest, and quite possibly the freshest, most unique bands that Calgary Alberta has seen in quite some time..."A Cry of Hounds" is ready to infect your ears, your mind, your heart.

This band has successfully captured the sounds of some great 60's garage punk with these songs. Based on 16 b-grade horror flicks with such titles as "Beast of Yucca Flats", "Teenage Zombies" and "Creature From the Haunted Sea", this music will bring a smile to your face and get your whole body grooving to the music! All 16 tunes are now captured on one glorious garage punk rave-up album called GARAGE MONSTERS.


Why this name?
It's the new sound, daddy-o! What's old is NEW! I'm rubber and you're glue! See ya see ya wouldn't wanna be ya! A-OOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!!
Do you play live?
fresh off their first successful gig in Calgary...the band is now ready to spread the B-grade gospel of garage punk...look out! Here we come!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Whatever. buy our stuff.

Band History:
Your influences?
any b-grade horror movie gets an A+ from us. So do the wonderfully undead sounds of the 60s garage bands: The Sonics, the Standells, The Seeds, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Count Five, Blues Magoos, the Amboy Dukes...even more recent inspirations like Alice Cooper, the Cramps, the B-52s, and some wonderfully retro bands like Jet and the Hives. A-OOOOOOHH!
Favorite spot?
"Because I luv that dirty water...Calgary you're my home!"
Equipment used:
60s keys, drums with skulls on 'em...loud squawky guitars and thundering basses. We got it all, Monster style.
Anything else...?
Captain Curtis the Undead Pirate - Keyboard, vox
Mary Queen of Vampires - Bass, vox
Skully - Drums, vox
Screamin' J - Guitar, vox