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play hi-fi  Soittaja
play hi-fi  Mistako mina laulan
play hi-fi  Hetki hetkelta
play hi-fi  Ylistys
play hi-fi  Paaskysen laulu
play hi-fi  Maa heidan on
play hi-fi  Uni ja toive
play hi-fi  Tulevaisuus
play hi-fi  Tama on uskoa
play hi-fi  Kauneutesi on ruokani
Pohjantahti arose from an urge of being culturally creative. The idea was to make a studio recording of music written and performed by Finnish Baha'is. Hence it was more a project than a band. This Finnish version is the sister album of the one in English, i.e. Star of the North.
Why this name?
Pohjantahti, the Finnish word for the North Star, is a key symbol in old Finnish mythology. However, it can also be understood as "the rhytm of the North".
Do you play live?
We have never performed live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
This album was originally published as a cassette, but now with the internet and mp3s it can reach a much wider audience.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yeah, sure :-)
Band History:
Pekka Okkonen, electric and acoustic guitars, all male vocals
Tuula Kuitunen, all female vocals
Harri Peltola, producer, lyrics, voice on "Ylistys"
with help from the friends and session musicians
Your influences?
The Dawn Breakers (Austria), Seals&Crofts (US), Windflower (Alaska), all bands that pioneered in making Baha'i music
Favorite spot?
The blessed spot
Equipment used:
The album was recorded before the CD era on a 16 track tape recorder, and recently the original tapes were digitally remastered.
Anything else...?
Learn some Finnish and enjoy the lyrics! Hyva Suomi!