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Revanon’s Bio

Who is Revanon? Revanon started rapping in April of 1986. He was always fascinated with writing and reading. Through his sister Patricia he was introduced to hiphop. In Temple Texas, he got his first taste of the sound. The first song he could remember listening to was "Planet Rock". It scared him due to all the robotic noise in the back ground. Born Kevin Peter Jack in September of 1974, he knew that this type of music would be his calling. In 1982 Revanon and his family moved to Deer Park, Long Island where his sister picked up on dancing. The songs that were playing then were UFTO's Roxanne, Roxanne and also listening to the "Real Roxanne". Patricia also had a friend in the name of Eric Sermon attend school with her. (Revanon did not know this) It would not be until Revanon's family moved to Ft. Hamilton, Bay Ridge BROOKLYN that he would get his first shot at actually writing hiphop songs. While at PS 104 his good friend, Chris Coward would "freestyle" to him everyday. Revanon wasn't big into it. He was more into writing stories that included his friends. But with Chris being persistant as he was, Revanon eventually ended up writing raps. In 1987, he formed a group called the "B.R.K." which stood for Black Rapping Killers. The main components were Chris Marshall, Chris Roney and John Jay. They performed at a summer camp talent show. And also made a demo. It felt so good to be in the game to Rev.
Revanon had many names throughout his career. C.I.A., Cpt Black, Deashanae, Deasha, K-Jingle, K-West (which was Kevin Wins Every Single Time) Foreign, Catch Phrase, Asuwere among others. Each name represented a different point in his life. A different era of his style. He's biggest idol, Big Daddy Kane taught him confidence. Taught him never to give up. To stick up for those that couldn't...never take crap from anyone. Be a larger than life figure. While everyone was favoring Rakim, it was Revanon who chose Kane because of his style...his friendly nature...and his ferocious attack on the mic.
Revanon honed and developed his style while moving to Orlando. Performing in talent shows in High school. While there he teamed up first with Carlos Berrios and then with a group entitled "tribe of ben". He battled at spots in downtown Orlando and even went head to head with emcees from the WarHedz. He had the opportunity to get signed and even freestyled infront of Shaq.
From Orlando, Revanon joined the military in 1997. He was then stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado where his career had the most progress. He first met up with a group called the B.A.T.T.L.E.C.A.T.S. which featured talents such as Complex, Misphit, Dirty Jew, Joey Crack and Jackie Bond. He first became an unofficial member of that crew. He then did shows at the Underground that featured the groups F.O.S. and Accuemen.
Known for his high energy and wit, Revanon became a fixture at that club. He went on also to reach the semi finals or better in all 3 battle contests he entered, "Who's Shinin 1 and 2" and winning "Cryptic Cypher 2". In late 2000 Revanon dropped his first album, "Me waiting for life to show up" It was mixture of bitter works and tight verses. Stand out songs were Lakestown, an anthem for his Orlando residence of Waterford Lakes and "Raw Dawgs" which to this day is considered on of the best posse cuts for Colorado.
2 years later Revanon was signed to Borgata Records which also had the artist, "Presence" and Dj Bizeone. His album, Benchwarmer was about to be produced featuring tracks from the Molemen and a track with Juice, but due to family issues, he was forced to stop going for it. That same year, Revanon formed his own crew entitled the Benchwarmers and then worked with Boonie May in a group called Same Difference.
Revanon...Kevin Jack moved back to Orlando in 2002. He performed at Open mics and some shows scattered around. After excelling at his work place, the music again had to take a back seat. But it was always on the back of his brain.
Revanon then moved to Ohio for a year..and then returned to Florida in 2007. Quickly, he began writing again as his family issues subsided. He came back to the game with 8 new tracks. And now, he is back dropping a new album entitled "Until Now" that will debut in May.
Revanon considers himself a people emcee. He is the voice of those that aren't thugs, gansters, playas etc. Revanon's motto is "next time is not an option". And this time, nothing is going to stop his desire to show his talent to the world. Now working with producers such as Boonie Mayfield, Hi-Fly, VTZ, Flawless, Trak Magic, SolEternity among others, Revanon's music is now stacked up to be something special.
He's back ladies and gentlemen. And this time...it's for good.

Rev who? Find out for yourself....

Why this name?
Funny...I am a fan of the Transformers and Revanon would be my name if I was one. And I would be a Decepticon..hands down...
Do you play live?
I try...I haven't found any venues just yet...but I specialize in Open Mics.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The music is right there...you don't have to move...if I could..I would tape my live shows and display them on the net.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not sure. Depends...I'm saying this cause I'm a bit older...so it's part; I don't know if it could happen and I'm tired.
Your influences?
Big Daddy Kane is the source. He just had this confidence that I now carry. For punches it's old Common. Those two make up me in a sense.
Favorite spot?
Orlando, Florida...nothing like it.
Equipment used:
Pen and a pad. No, I'm lying. I am all keyboard when I type out my raps.
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