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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  insanity
play hi-fi  Transcendence
play hi-fi  Born of Shadows
play hi-fi  Lost Castle
play hi-fi  Ghosts and Goblins
play hi-fi  The Storm
play hi-fi  Ghost Jazz
play hi-fi  Ghost Planet
play hi-fi  Underwater
play hi-fi  Longacho
Atrix256 is a single dude, namely me, learning to make music. I play the electric bass in real life, but like making synth music as well.
Favorite spot?
Oregon and Washington are where it's at
Equipment used:
Ibanez 4 string bass
Line 6 Bass Pod
Line 6 pod
Hartke combo amp
Guitar Pro
Sound Forge
Future retro revolution
jaw harp
Custom software (Will be made public for public use at a future date!)
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